About Shastra

Growing Up in the Spirit of Aloha

Hawaii is my birthplace, the land of my youth and of my blessing. As a young child I was aware of how fortunate I was to call this beautiful place home. This gift, never taken for granted, filled me with its spirit on a daily basis.  The Spirit of Aloha is fun, colorful, alive and something as real and tangible as you and I.

 My parents were likewise a gift, for our home in many ways embodied Aloha. Whoever walked into our home was welcomed with open arms, and that included people we didn’t know who came as guests with the ones we did. My parents never saw color and everyone was treated as family or what in the islands we call Ohana, which means family. The Spirit of Aloha and treating everyone as Ohana is my way of life, for I believe we are all connected, all related.  What you do to one, you do to the whole.

In this same respect, I believe that God is way, way, way too Big to fit into any one religion. I honor all religions and whatever path one chooses to walk, as long as that path does not harm any of life. A thousand people, a thousand paths. All roads lead to God. What is important is that we have a deep and abiding relationship with our Creator, the one and only Source of all  our good.

I Begin My Search

In the mid 70’s I set out on a mission with burning questions that needed answers: Who am I? Why am I here? What makes me tick? What are we all doing here? Where do we go from here? Self-improvement became my hobby. Seeking knowledge became my passion and path.

Meeting the Kahuna

In 1983 I met Morrnah Simeona, a Kahuna, who taught the ancient Hawaiian form of spirituality called Huna, and also a powerful healing process called Ho’oponopono.  I joined her teaching staff and magically new worlds opened before me. My spiritual journey was underway. 

It was such an interesting time: I worked for IBM during the day and studied with Morrnah at night. How far apart could two worlds be? At night we entered deep meditations that took us to places beyond this earth plane. My love for all of life, in particular the cosmos, was reawakened. I was falling in love with the spirit realms while rapidly becoming otherworldly. Later I would come to treasure these formative years for the ability to firmly plant one foot on earth while traversing other dimensions. This has served me well.

I left Morrnah’s organization at the beginning of 1988. At that time I declared to cosmos that I was done with earthly teachers, from that point forward I wanted to be taught directly from spirit, in particular those who occupy the higher spirit realms.  Some of you who read this will want to stop right here and not go any further. You believe that it is not possible to be taught by, or ever to have dear, close friendships with those who reside beyond the veil. Allow me to expand your mind by opening new realms of possibility. It is indeed possible. Venture into this website, if you will, and read what is here. Open your mind and heart to consider that there are those who stand (when one gets beyond a certain subplane in the fourth dimension) at a higher place on the mountain than we do. Their view, perception and wisdom is greater than the limited picture we get down here on earth. There is much help to be given to those of us who evolve on earth by those who have attained to high and lofty levels in the spirit world.

A Direct Line to the Spirit World

My prayers were answered on the full moon in August of 1988 when I met Arthur Pacheco, one of the most gifted mediums on this planet.  (You will find on this site an account of what happened that night.) At the time he was chartering full moon boat cruises off of Waikiki that included a spiritual session. Arthur went into trance that night and his main guide, who was once known on earth by the name of  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, came through and gave an enlightening message. I was to realize later that my decree had been answered - a way to be taught directly from the spirit realms. Some of you will find this preposterous, absurd. No one will take that from you. To each his own.

During Sir Arthur's last sojourn on earth  he is mostly remembered for his Sherlock Holmes novels. What is not readily known though is that he devoted the last 12 years of his life writing books on spiritualism and on life beyond "so-called" death. He spoke on this topic worldwide. 

Sir Arthur tragically lost his son during World War I.  Through gifted mediums back then he was able to make tangible, undeniable contact with his deceased son. This changed the course of his life. By the time he made his transition in 1930 he was  considered an authority on the subject of Spiritualism.

Mediumship, till today, is near and dear his heart. He helps many unravel this great mystery called life, as he himself was helped through gifted mediums while he was on earth. Often this help does not come in the form of giving answers, rather it comes in the form of leaving clues. What else would you expect from the master of mystery? Besides, giving someone the answers is not often wise. Seeking the answers is what earth life is about.

Going Off the Cliff

My entire world changed that September in 1988. Within days of this sitting, I left IBM and you could say went off the cliff hanging on to my belief and unshakable trust in the spirit worlds that I had come to love so much. I was determined to follow this path of living a life entirely guided by the unseen world, as Morrnah had demonstrated previously.

I thus entered the path of a mystic, which began an adventure filled with the greatest highs and also challenges that appeared insurmountable. With an unwavering focus I was determined to get the answers to those burning questions.

 Becoming the Path

Twenty years have passed since I went off that cliff leaving “security” behind, only to discover what true security really is. It has now been over 30 years since I set out to find the answers to those burning questions within.  During this incredible journey my guides and those who teach me from the spirit realms have never once left my side, yet they did not give me the answers either.  They provided clues and hints to the experiences that I drew into my life. It was my job to go to that place where all answers lie, which is deep within.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Master of Mystery, has been one of the biggest influences in my life since that September in 1988.  He was passionate about contact with the spirit realms during the last 12 years of his earthly life. This has not changed. Now from the other side of the veil he loves to share enlightened information with those of us here who hunger after knowledge of what life is all about, just as he hungered for this knowledge while on earth. Through his teachings, clues, and enlightened guidance I have found the answers to my questions plus so much more. What is found on this site is a mere fraction of the countless hours that I have been privileged to spend with him and others beyond the veil.

Somewhere on this journey I was no longer on a path, but have become it.  My greatest fulfillment is becoming this vast knowledge, bit by bit. My greatest joy is leading others to the gold that resides within, as those on the other side of the veil have done for me.

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for your interest in this site. E Komo Mai (Welcome), enjoy and may God bless you and all those you hold dear.


Peace be with you!


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