The ancient Hawaiians lived their life with a beautiful blend of psychology and spirituality. Their existence was simple and reverent. Possessing a deep understanding of the mind, combined with the knowledge of the laws of nature, they were outstanding psychologists and healers. These ancient ones knew that there within all of life exists the face of God.

Something still lives there in the islands, and in the hearts of its inhabitants. It permeates the atmosphere with music, laughter, and a child-like innocence. It speaks to your senses and fills your soul. It is warm, open, loving, generous and colorful. It follows the natives wherever they go. Many who arrive in the islands feel it as soon as they get off the plane and step foot on the ground. There is this feeling of coming home.

Why is a person affected this way? What is this? Simply put, you have connected with the Spirit of Aloha. This energy is tangible, it is as real as you and I. The Spirit of Aloha, an actual Being.

When the word Aloha is heard or spoken it brings a smile to someone’s face. You are immediately taken in your mind to a tropical experience, to the gentle surf caressing the shore on a balmy night; to a brush of the trade winds against your cheek; to the glimmer of moonlight over cresting waves.  Aloha, it is mystical, magical.

What is the deeper meaning of Aloha? What is its significance? “Alo” means face, presence, front. “Ha” means to breathe. The “Ha” is the breath of God. Each time Aloha is sounded, the very essence of God is echoed. When you speak the word Aloha to another person, you are acknowledging the God within them, and also within yourself, a recognition of the Divinity within all of life. "Aloha" , in the Presence of God!

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