A New Cycle Beginning in Aries 

The most exciting time of year is once again upon us all. Everything in the Universe falls within the domain of the Law of Cycles. The sun rises and sets; the moon waxes and wanes; the tides ebb and flow; the seasons of the year begin and end with exact precision. These but name a few and all reflect this Cosmic Law. Everything is cyclical by perfect design. 


The new Astrological year and cycle begins on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 when the sun enters Aries on the Spring Equinox. Spring is about new beginnings and the emerging of grand opportunities. The earth herself comes alive with new life and exquisite beauty. We see it! We feel it! We too can come alive and respond with the hope of a fresh start.


There are grand opportunities that come with this new cycle that will enable you to set in motion an intention for the next year of your life.  These opportunities also include the ability to help humanity and our earth.


Full Moon Days

Full moon days are called ‘Days of Opportunity’ by Great, Benevolent Forces of Light.  On these days the moon, which rules the subconscious/unconscious mind, is at her lowest ebb since she if farthest away from the sun at this time.  The veils are thin now and we can contact these Great Forces of Light with safety and great benefit, not only for ourselves, but for humanity and our planet, as well.  With proper, unselfish intent and a pure desire to serve we can be used as instruments in the hands of the Divine to receive and distribute these potent energies throughout the planet.


The first three full moons of the astrological calendar year, while the sun is in Aries, Taurus and Gemini, are the three most powerful ones of the year, each one building on the next. All of the other full moons are fed and influenced by these three. These Great Forces, who work tirelessly to raise us all, collect, accumulate and then distribute these energies into our planet at this time. Again, because the moon rules the subconscious and unconscious minds, when she is farthest from the sun this is the time when we can really be of assistance.


The first three full moons of the astrological year correspond to the God-flame within our heart.


The Threefold Flame of Life



 Our Self-Identity


Our Divine Self or Higher Self, our Spirit, is in actuality a flame.  This spark of God burns within the area of our heart.  It is not visible to the physical eyes of man, as it is part of our etheric body and resides in our heart chakra.  This sacred God-flame is composed of three aspects, each one having a color and corresponding quality.  Like the three primary colors our God-flame-identity is composed of pink, yellow and blue. Through the blue flame the quality of Divine Will, the Power of God is manifested. Through the yellow flame the quality of Divine Wisdom is manifested; and through the pink flame the quality of Divine Love manifests.


We are here on earth to cultivate, expand and fuel these flames, which does occur as we transcend the challenges that daily life on earth brings our way.  As we get through these obstacles in the highest way possible we then become more at one with our Source, we become more God-like, as these flames are fanned and fueled. It is as if we walk a tight rope learning how to balance the God-energies within this threefold flame. In truth and in essence, this threefold flame IS who we are.


Each of the first three full moons, beginning with the one in Aries, corresponds to one of the flames and God-qualities that reside within our sacred heart. 


The first full moon, while the sun is in Aries, corresponds to the blue flame and the Will of God. Those born under the sun sign of Aries want to lead and initiate, and so too does this happen with the new year beginning the moment the sun enter this sign on the Spring Equinox. This full moon is dedicated to the Festival of Easter and the risen Christ, the Festival of Resurrection.


The second full moon, while the sun is in Taurus, corresponds to the yellow flame and the Wisdom of God.  This special day and full moon is called The Wesak Festival. It is known is esoteric circles as the holiest day of the year. It is dedicated to Lord Guatama Buddha, who physically descends and appears in a Himalayan Valley at the exact moment of the full moon. Lord Guatama pours His wisdom and blessing into the earth at this moment.


The third full moon, while the sun is in Gemini, corresponds to the pink flame and the Love of God. This is the most powerful full moon of the year and is called the Festival of Humanity.


What happens, for those of us who consciously, reverently and humbly participate in these events, is that our heart opens to receive the energies released at the exact moment of the first two full moons of the astrological year. Here the energies of the Will of God and the Wisdom of God are held within our sacred heart. At the third full moon, the most powerful one, the Love of God is released combining with the other two.


Think about this for a moment – power and knowledge without love are dangerous, each one of them alone or combined. So you can see how important it is to wait and blend both of these with Love at the time of the third full moon, when all of them together are distributed into the planet and humanity. We can assist Great Cosmic Beings and Divine Forces to get this out, while at the same time increasing the flame, the flow and our connection to the God within. With proper, unselfish intent we can serve in a most glorious way.  


God Bless your dear hearts during this most exciting time of setting intentions and laying new foundations.




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