Join like-minded people as we embark on a journey of understanding self and others through the study of astrology.

Your horoscope is a blueprint of your character, helping you meet and respond to the conditions of life. It shows your potentials and tendencies: where you're strong, where you're weak, some of your gifts, and lessons you've set out to learn and overcome in this particular life. Even the departments of life you are here to focus on are revealed in the chart. You are here to develop your character by utilizing your strengths and changing what does not work for you. Your astrological blueprint shows the way.

You can think of your horoscope as a bookkeeping system, which we all have. We have debits and we have credits. Some of us come into this life with a great deal of capital in our spiritual bank books. This is earned income from a past life. Others come in with a depleted bank account. This is the difference between an easy life pattern for one person, and a difficult life pattern for someone else.

Another good analogy is to think of your horoscope as a roadmap. It shows the conditions you are going to meet in life. Some of the roads on which you travel will be smooth and easy because they have been built well (in a past life). Some of the roads will be in poor condition and need repair. If you repair them and put them in good condition your vehicle will not break down and cause you difficulties and delays.

This is a beginner's course. It is also for previous students who want a refresher. During the course you will discover your moon and rising sign, and how you express yourself through them. The classes will also focus on the four basic factors in astrology: the planets, the signs, the houses and the aspects. You will attend a series of four classes meeting every other Sunday. The time between these classes is to be used for study.

After completing this course you will see yourself in a new light, as well as others. You will begin to understand that every soul chooses to come into life with a particular astrological pattern and plan. All of this is for a much higher purpose than what is seen on the surface of ordinary human life. Gaining understanding of this plan is what astrology is about.

The classes are facilitated by Shastra Luning. Though not an astrologer, Shastra has followed her chart for over 25 years. She is privileged to help many people better understand themselves through their own personal astrological blueprint. She also helps people to understand the astrological cycles they are going through, which frequently removes fear and worry.



Introduction to astrology. You will study your sun sign, which represents your basic individuality and temperament. This is an important piece of your astrological profile, to be sure, but it is only one aspect of you. Your moon and rising sign will be studied in the second class. You will also gain a basic understanding of your chart wheel; what the basic patterns and predominance of planets within your chart mean.



You have 3 signs. It is mistaken to think that knowing only your Sun Sign  will tell you everything about how you process information, interact with the world or deal with your emotions and relationships. Other aspects of you are reflected by other heavenly influences. You also have a Rising Sign and a Moon Sign. You will study these in this class. The Rising Sign represents how you project yourself outward, the way you are seen and perceived by the rest of the world, the "impression" that you make on others. The Moon Sign represents your inner, emotional nature. It shows the way you handle emotions, your vulnerabilities and your fears.  It is also your intuition. It is the combination of these three that make up who you are. This is why people of the same sun sign can be entirely different from one another.  (Note: In order to know your rising sign you must have your exact time of birth.)



In this class you will learn three of the four basic principles of an astrological chart: The Planets, Signs and Houses. Again, the combination of all these factors create a unique picture of your personality, along with the aspects which will be studied in the fourth class. Do not think that astrology is a fated, carved-in-stone science. Astrology is an organic system that is here to help you through life. Your astrological blueprint is a map that can aide you in understanding yourself. It can help you decide what is the best direction to move in. It also shows clearly where your stumbling blocks are and what to avoid.



In this class you will learn about planetary aspects, which show the relationship between the planets in your chart. It is the flow of force between the planets that determine your disposition and predisposition to action and reaction. These aspects reveal stresses, tensions and harmonious relationships between the different parts of your life. The geometrical angles between the planets influence our personality. It is astonishing.


Level Two Class

There will be a level two class for you who wish to learn about other aspects of your chart. This will be scheduled at a later date. Here the elements (fire, air, water and earth) and the qualities (cardinal, fixed and mutable), which deal with your basic mode of activity and show your ability to adapt to circumstances, will be studied. The north and south nodes and the part of fortune will also be explained during these series of classes, and much more. Every part of your chart, believe it or not, reveals something about you.  It is amazing and fascinating. Yet even more than that, it is enlightening as you begin to understand who you are and why you are here.




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