Estelle Roberts
Through the Trance Mediumship of
Arthur Hakalani Pacheco
Given in June 2002 

I've got something to say that is a bit, oh properly unfamiliar, I suppose.  I've not wanted to go in these directions, but I am mindful that I must. And I shall say it therefore as briefly, but as frankly as I may and it is this.

To those of you who are being bombarded by a lot of media efforts to keep you in fear I say this, that the concerted efforts by the media and those that own and manage it to keep humanity in fear shall rebound upon them in ways that will tear down their establishments.  And that, of course, is only just and righteous. 

Do you think it not passing strange that those who have got the attention of the world can find nothing better to inform them of than tragedies, than losses, than wars, than unfortunate incidents?  When these comprise, in truth, only perhaps seventeen to eighteen percent of what one might find if one could freely travel the world.  In other words, there is a lot more good news than bad.

But lo, they focus on the bad, don't they? You scarcely ever pick up the newspaper or any publication of that type and hear of anything encouraging. 

Odd isn't it?  I would think it by design. Ummm!

Therefore, I should think if this is so then they are very carefully selecting the worst to convey, to the point of at times, out and out fabricating it. So I should not pay too much attention, were I you, or anyone on the earth plane at this point, to what you might read in your newspapers or hear on your radio or your television news.  It's a farce!  I tell you, you would be shocked if you knew the extent of that farce.

And I leave you with this thought, hopefully not to trouble you, but rather to alert you.  In the technology that has been reached by the powers that control this world, they have easily come to that point where they can indeed fabricate as never before. I believe there's been a cinema movie or two made to that effect. 
(Wag the Dog was one of those.) For they can actually cause anyone to think there's an entire war that is occurring, when none such exists. They can make whole videos showing people doing things they never did, and saying things they never said.  Oh yes insidious, diabolical some would say, and yet quite real, at least as far as anything physical is concerned. 

So my dears, just for your comfort, and if I could in anyway leave it upon the table of your inspection so that it serves as a pillow on which you take a more comfortable rest I shall simply say, you need not worry of what your news media are conveying to you. And more so, what they shall convey to you very shortly.  Oh my, they are going to paint the most dire picture. I should not believe it if I were you.  Unfortunately the bulk will, the lot will believe it.  Most people will say, "Oh look now it's getting worst."  And then there go the thought-creations getting worst.
(Meaning, now thought-forms of fear will go out from each person who believes this, and will fill our atmosphere, which creates our reality.)

It's an old Atlantean technique. You cause them
(people) to take themselves out (by their own thought-creations) and that way you (meaning the powers that be who instigate these campaigns of fear) are not karmically responsible, except by giving a little misinformation perhaps. They say, "What they did was not our fault, now was it?"   You see.  Be apprised dear sisters. Be apprised that what they put before you as the absolute truth, more often than not, is not the truth.  Indeed one wonders whether they can speak the truth at this point anymore anyway. I should think not. 

So let your news come from other sources. Happier sources. Your own lives should suffice. Look about. There's good things going on if only you choose to see them. People are improving.  People are overcoming weaknesses and limitations. And ultimately the world is, well, progressing beautifully towards its inevitable celestial destiny. Anything less than that is temporary, and like a passing cloud, destined to dissipate. That's it.

God Bless you dears. God Bless you. Such a joy to be with you. I should like to do it again.  Farewell.


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