The Feminine Face of God......Our Divine Mother
The Rising Force On Our Planet


The Supreme Deity of many religions is spouseless. Have you noticed? They espouse that we are all children of God, which in truth we are.  Yet I ask, is a father able to give birth to his offspring? How can there be children without a mother? This seems to defy the laws of nature.  

In order to know your Self, the essence of who you are, it is important to grasp that there is also a Mother aspect of God.  To understand how the male and female aspects of God operate and co-exist you will not have to venture very far from ordinary human life to glean your first clues. As above so below, this is The Law that governs our Universe.

Everything in life is cyclical. The tides ebb and flow. The seasons change with exact precision. Everything that rises must also fall. You have an in-breath and an out-breath. Fortunately, there is a natural rhythm and order to our universe. Have you noticed this?

What does this have to do with our Father and our Mother God? Everything! The Father aspect of God is about expansion. The Father is the joyful giver of life. The Mother aspect of God is about contraction, restriction, focus, discipline. She is about holding back. When you sit on the seashore and watch the waves roll in - this is the face of our Father. As the waves recede - this is the face of our Mother.

As the moon wanes each month decreasing in light and approaching the day of the new moon, this is a time of contraction. Our Mother draws closer to our Father.  This cycle is the time to go within, to be subjective, to clean house.  This is not the time to start new projects. If you do, you go against the natural rhythm and flow of life. You will find it more difficult to see your projects through to fruition. This is not the time to be signing contracts or initiating anything. 

The last three days just prior to the new moon are known as the dark of the moon.  Anything initiated here will not come to fruition as you had planned.  This period is the most potent time of the month to banish, to let go, to clear and to clean. I am speaking of cleansing on every level: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

Each month on the new moon we have a fresh start.   This is when our Father and our Mother God, symbolized by our physical sun and moon, are at one in the heavens.   Our Celestial Parent, our Mother, on the new moon drinks of our Father's light:  His knowledge and His ideas.  The seeds of His light are now planted in Her womb on this day of new beginnings. 

While the moon waxes, increasing in His light now is the time to be objective, extroverted, to set about nurturing what has been planted on the new moon.  Here you sign your contracts while all rhythms are on an upswing. Now is the time for expansion. Now is the time to initiate new projects and fertilize the ones previously begun.  All of this activity culminates in celebration at the full moon when our Mother is filled to the brim with our Father's light, knowledge and ideas.  Our Father is pure idea. Our Mother sets about to bring these ideas to fruition, into manifestation.

This Cosmic Dance is symbolized each month by the cycles between the Sun and the Moon in our system. It also occurs right within ourselves whether we realize it or not, and even whether we believe it or not. After all, aren't we a microcosm of the macrocosm? Yes, of course we are. This is but one of the natural rhythms of life, it is a symbolic reminder. 

Our Celestial Mother is the one that Father listens to, as to the timing and manifesting of Their child's (us) heartfelt desires. Here again this is symbolized in the role of the mother in a physical family.  She cares for you, her child, and out of great love and wisdom does not give you everything you want when you want it.  She is the One who causes physical manifestation to occur  mater, matter is  Mother. She IS all manifested reality, and much, much more.

When we are feeling constrained, restricted and held back it is the Mother aspect of God, in all Her glorious wisdom that is holding us back. She says to our Father, "No, not yet. It is not yet time to fulfill this desire of our child.  He/she must grow yet fuller. The time is not now." Our Father in His great love, wisdom, respect and adoration of our Mother listens to Her.

It is important to understand and to be on good terms with our Mother, for She rules the cycles of life. When you learn to honor the natural rhythms of life you honor Her as well.  Call to Her. Develop a relationship with Her, for nothing is made manifest except through Her.  Mater, matter is  Mother!

She, by the way, is the rising force on this planet.  A Golden Age is in the process of being birthed.  This new life is filled with Her beauty and grace, with Her gentleness, sweetness, kindness, peace and profound, supernal love.  As we awake and become more of Her in our everyday affairs,   we are as midwives assisting in the birth of our new earth.

Our Mother smiles sweetly, and with open arms and eternal patience awaits our return home.

God Bless your dear, sweet hearts this Mother's Day.


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