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Easter Sunday is Next Week, April 4, 2010


Dear Friends:  Today, Palm Sunday, begins Holy Week. In 1999, through the gifts of Arthur Pacheco, our cherished and beloved friends in heaven came through to give us the gift of all time, the real meaning and significance behind Easter.  A ~special portal opens~up, just once a year on this day. The Greatest Cosmic Beings that even they are in contact with from the Heaven Realms, put Themselves at our service, at our beck and call. "Why the very Earth Itself thrills at this time," Sir Arthur says of Easter Sunday.  


Please take time to read this. It is with such privilege and honor I am even able to pass this on to you. Make a list of all that you wish to get free of, and that which you wish to bring in. Then spend time on Easter Sunday. Connect with These Great Ones and put forth your request.


Pass this on to your loved ones as well. Give them a truly great gift for Easter. May all your dreams come true, my precious friends. With so much love and aloha from my heart, my home, to yours.  Shastra Luning



By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Through the Mediumship of Arthur Pacheco

Given on Easter Sunday, April 4, 1999

In 1999 Easter Sunday fell on April 4th, just as it does this year



Sir Arthur begins with a prayer:


"Oh Sweet and Holy Light bathe us in Your glorious radiance.

Let Thy sweet conduit then come here in great measure

opening an aperture unto the heavens

that we here in this dimension might benefit forever more.

For lo, where Thou art, glory and grandeur do surround Thee,

and we, and history itself is altered in glory.

How great then Thy wonderful release of the resurrection

flame this day unto this marvelous place called earth.


Oh beloved, beloved, beloved, all of you, how gloriously benefited we are this day.  I come to speak of it in my own way that you can benefit somewhat and perhaps feel yourselves in the sway of this wonderful thing called Easter, far beyond anything that could possibly be contained in any one church or temple or mosque.  This thing is, well, the glory portal of all time as it goes forth.


My dear friends, it is this very day I tell you, long ago concocted by Greater Minds than our own, that we are to receive, and it was determined then a release of something called the resurrection fire, that thing that brings us all to life.  That thing that yearly then is released on  Easter Day, plentifully, beautifully upon this planetary body and beyond of course, but especially here on earth.


You see, in the great, vast mind of God each planet is very especially cared for as to its particular needs.  And when it comes to the earth my dears, what we need here is forgiveness, and then resurrection always follows in its wake.  This is the purpose of this thing you call Easter, far beyond any one tradition.  I say it spans your sweet globe giving you all hope, and telling you all that you can begin again. * (see note below)


It matters not what you’ve done in the year past.  Oh consequences, of course they must endure mustn’t they?  But I tell you these wear out when you focus on that which delivers you from them, the resurrection fire.  Come alive, my dears.  It is not only Lazarus, not only the Master Jesus who took advantage of this thing, but all do whether they know it or not.  Why the very Earth itself thrills at this time. And for those of our beloved brethren who find themselves what we call “down under”, it occurs at this precise same time.  It isn’t their time of spring.  On the contrary, they would appear to be receding into their winter.  No matter!  I say they take it within and they live upon it, and it bursts forth in what you would call your autumn; and thus the equinoxes being important, as well as the solstices.


My dear friends, this day is set-aside for each one of you to leave your past behind.  Can you do it?  Wouldn’t you like to?  All of your misunderstandings, let them go.  All of those times that you hung your head in shame, let it go.  The times you felt inadequate, insecure, gone now.  All of it gone, if you will, that you might feel something bubbling up within you called your new chance.  Yes, this is the generosity of God, freedom from the known, joyous entrée into the unknown.  In great love my dears, We greet you this day.


Since the Great Lord Buddha did take His High Office, He has chosen the full moon, which generally occurs in the English month of May to come forth in what is known as The Great Festival of Wesak. This shall be occurring again this year, as you know, the last day in March having been the full moon of the Christ as we call it. This again transcends Christianity itself, as it is known on earth, and is much more connected with the Christ principle held by the Great Lord Maitreya at this particular point. ** (see note below)


In Buddhist Law it is known there is to yet come another Buddha, the Coming Buddha, the Lord Maitreya. This occurs, my dears, this occurs. This occurs yearly, could we say yearly as these things grow closer and closer unto us all. That full moon having only recently occurred, we now look toward the grand festival of Wesak when initiates, aspirants, and the many probationers, and may I remind you in so saying I included all of you here, all are free to attend this grand thing whether they are in the body or not. *** (see note below) All are free to experience that wondrous moment when at the point of the full moon the Great Lord Buddha becomes yet greater, and you might say, unto Himself, gives a great initiation. He allows Himself to come one step closer to that nirvana that He hath relinquished in the role of the Boddhisatva. He allows Himself one step more of bliss, and that wondrous bliss pours off on Him and the run-off blesses us all.


Oh my dears, seek to have your spirit eyes opened I say (your inner sight).  Have a grander desire than you have right now.  You can move more quickly you know.  It’s but your will that needs involvement, and I say this is the time. **** (see note below) This is the time, while the resurrection fire burns and glows all about you.  You can use it to grow, to ascend, literally, and certainly to resurrect from that death which is only too much memory of past failings and thoughts.  Cut the ties, my dears.  Sever those threads of aka, and find yourselves free to rise above all things.  You will come out better I tell you.  Anything that man has done man can do.  You have lost nothing.  Time has been the great adjuster I say, but now into your homes and into your hearts welcome the Great Beings that attend upon this day (Easter Sunday) and know that they attend upon you, each One.


What would you do if I told you that this very day you have the Greatest Cosmic Beings, of which we are aware, at your beck and call?  Yes.  They put Themselves there humbly, and they look at humanity and say, 'What wouldst Thou?'  And so we have this grand opportunity this Easter Day, my dears.  I say both together and privately I encourage you to speak and utter your prayers.  Invoke the Grand Ones to help you.  They are ready.  Thus is the Power of Eastertide, beyond any thoughts of limited teachings and doctrines.  These of course must have their day that they might, like so many winds, blow away all that is misunderstanding.


Rise up, my dears.  Come to know who you are.  You are, all of you, resurrectors here to resurrect others.  Yes!  That is your role you know.  I should accept it if I were you.  It is a sweet one, perhaps the sweetest of all.  Go about then giving sight to the blind, bringing the dead in spirit back to life, and then you be yourselves as Eastertides.  This is the Will of your celestial parents, and the Will of all the Great Ones who bid you sweet love this day, sweet love unto all.  Stretch forth your hands and heal my dears.  Bring your brethren back to life, as you yourselves have been brought back.  So be it for one thousand years.  So be it.  Amen"


*   Every planet has a specialty, a particular thing for which it was created, just as we have a specialty for which we were created too. Our planet Earth was created as a place where souls would come to evolve and to especially learn about forgiveness. When we forgive, any person or situation, the resurrection fire burns brightly around us, and we evolve much more rapidly. When we do not forgive, we bring our "evolutionary process to a crawl", as Sir Arthur had put it.


** This message was given on Easter Sunday, 1999. The first full moon of the yearly cycle, beginning while the Sun is in Aries, is called The Festival of the Christ. In 1999 the Christ full moon occurred on the last day of March. This is what Sir Arthur is referring to here. This year, 2010, this auspicious full moon occurs tomorrow night, Monday, March 29th at 7:25 pm ~ pacific time.


*** Again, he is referring to the Christ full moon that had just passed in 1999, and now they all looked forward to the Wesak full moon. This year, 2010, the Wesak is to fall in April not in May. The Wesak occurs on Wednesday, April 28th at 5:19 am ~ pacific time ~ and is known as the holiest day of the year, in esoteric circles.


**** Only by your choice, by exercising your free will, can you participate on Easter Sunday and call to These Great Beings. By doing this, you can then receive these great blessings and resurrect from your woes, your ills, your pains.


Open Your Heart to the full potential of your Self

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