By Arthur Hakalani Pacheco on May 19, 2005 

It just so happens that Shastra had asked me to write this article some time ago, but now is the time that is indicated, so here I sit and I'm happy to be relating this tale of my meeting with she who has become a very dear friend and mentor on this oftimes awesome and truly challenging path that we all share.

In answer to this question, I am taken back some twenty years or so.

At that time, I didn't know who this dear lady was. As it happened, my mediumship had just begun a short while before this, and it occupied most of my waking hours, in my mental atmosphere anyway. Which is to say that I was thinking about it both day and night.

So at that time I was beginning the new phase of mediumship which included trance work. For those of you who may not be familiar with this work, it is that form of mediumship which involves the temporary lending of one's body to a spirit guide or helper for the purpose of allowing that being to speak through the vocal chords of the medium in flesh. The spirit being is usually someone who is known to the medium, and therefore the consent has been given for this to happen. Some of the dangers of mediumship that have been discussed over the years are around this very subject. It isn't that different from knowing well who you might lend your car to, or your home for a period of time if you were planning to be gone. In other words, its all a matter of being familiar with the ones you're dealing with, as above so below. The same principle applies, both in dealing with spirit people and with earth people. I find myself repeating this very point of the law in my classes on psychic development. It is simply that we haven't been taught much about the spiritual and psychic sciences, but they follow very much the same rules and laws that those on earth do. That's why we are fond of saying, "As Above, So Below."

So at this early phase of my mediumship work and training, there were some new spirit guides that were making themselves known to me. One of these was a lady who called herself Estelle Roberts. As I have said, at the time the name didn't mean anything to me, as I hadn't heard it before. So it was mostly amusing that in addition to the guides who were already coming through, some of whom had distinct English and Scottish accents, now there was a lady amongst them. The whole concept was still new to me, and to have a woman's voice come through this masculine throat was a bit unusual, and only added to the mystery of the whole process. But there she was, the voice distinctly feminine, and her words were very sweet and sincere, as she spoke of helping women in particular in the times that were soon to be upon us all. I was delighted. It should be pointed out that my clientele has been composed of 75% women, almost from the beginning of this work. And so I believe I can say safely that I have a more than average understanding of woman's experience.

In short, this could lead us into another field of study, the differences between men and women, but again I don't want to get away from Estelle and her story. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I bumped a book from a shelf, in a used bookstore that I used to frequent in those days, onto the floor. When I picked it up and noticed its title it startled me. It was "Fifty Years a Medium" by Estelle Roberts! What a stroke of luck! Or so I thought at first, then it all began to make deep sense to me, the name, the spirit lady who'd spoken through for the first time recently, and now this, the book with her name on it.

I bought the book right away and left immediately to seek out a quiet and comfortable place to enjoy it. And I did. I must have read half the book at the first sitting, it was and is so fascinating to me, even today whenever I reread it.

It's an autobiography of the lady in question, giving the details of what started out as a fairly average life of a lady living in early twentieth century Britain. Then it progresses to the point where she discovers what an amazing ability she was born with, and learned to cultivate it into full bloom. What this amounted to in her earth lifetime was that she came to be known throughout the psychic world as one of the greatest living mediums alive.

There are different forms that mediumship takes, and one of the more advanced forms is one that we seldom see or hear much about these days. It is called "trumpet mediumship", and involves the use of a "trumpet", or aluminum megaphone that is levitated in the air in the vicinity of the medium who has been entranced. It is a rather complicated process to explain, but in short, it involves that form of mediumship wherein the voices of those communicating from the "other side" are heard in their own voice, as opposed to through the throat of the medium. The experience is one never forgotten, as it offers a form of proof that is so valuable in one's own training due to its authenticity. Back to Estelle.

So as the pages unfolded of her life, it spoke of a lady who went through many trials and tribulations in her earlier days, having to deal with a growing family and a marriage wherein her husband was ill much of the time. So she became the primary breadwinner through much of her life, and this was no small matter as her family was an active one.

It also spoke of her developing mediumship which ran concurrently with the rest of her normal life, thus putting plenty on her plate of experience. She came to be known as the world's greatest living trumpet medium, and her book is full of remarkable stories of how this ability was used in so many fascinating ways to help so many people. Perhaps at this point it should be pointed out that one of the major purposes of mediumship is to give some comfort to those bereaved by the loss of a loved one to the spirit world through the change called death. Other uses of this ability include the giving of spiritual teachings through the medium to those on earth. These teachings are often the type that one is not likely to find or hear on the earthplane, due to the current condition of our societies today.

Yet another use is the giving forth of healing to those in need, and perhaps these last two are among the most useful from the point of view of those in Spirit. Estelle was proficient in all of them, and was known for her expertise in giving forth messages from those in spirit to those yet here on earth. This is known as spirit message bearing, and is usually conducted before an assembled group of people who have come together for that purpose. Even today, in just about any Spiritualist Church, one can see this being practiced, and some very good message mediums are still to be found on earth today.

In her book, there are some pictures that are most fascinating, and one of these shows her on the platform in the Royal Albert Hall in London pointing to someone in the upper gallery for whom she has a message. She would fill these meetings to capacity as people would turn out in droves to watch her work and to receive messages too. Estelle's abilities in this area were also unsurpassed, and as one reads more and more, one finds the book a real testimony to the life of a modern day prophetess, or one who is truly speaking for and on behalf of those in Spirit. If ever you get an opportunity to read this book, and there are some copies to be had even today, I heartily suggest it. You won't be disappointed, and you will be inspired as to what can be accomplished through the avenue of spirit work and communication.

Now as to my personal experiences with Estelle ( well, first of all, there are too many to list them all. But I would be happy to share just a few.) One of the first that comes to mind occurred in the early days of my working with her. She came to me to entrance me when I was sitting for a young lady who had had an abortion recently. The guilt of the poor girl was strong, and it was clear to me that she was suffering much more than she needed to. Yet I couldn't have given her a better answer than Estelle did by a long shot!

She began by reminding the girl, who hereafter I shall call Ruth, that we are all on earth to learn, and to learn by the trial and error process. That it's helpful to try to view our lives on earth as one who might be attending a school that's away from one's home for a spell of time. And so it would follow that we are expected to make mistakes, and thus we learn as well. In fact, Estelle pointed out that often it happens that those who make the most mistakes on earth are the same ones who learn the most in any given lifetime. One more time where things can appear not as they really are when viewed from the earth viewpoint alone.

She went on then to tell Ruth a little story, much I thought in the tradition of the Master Jesus who often taught the people in parables. She told the story of a man who raised horses and who had this one mare who he really loved, for her beauty and the rare form that she possessed.

He looked forward to breeding her and thereby to have many like her, but alas, it was not to be. He found out in one of his many visits with her to the vet that she had a condition which would make having a baby, known in horses as a foal, very dangerous for the life of the mare, so better not to breed her. So after he got over the disappointment of this revelation, he settled down to just loving the mare for what she was, and enjoying having her around the ranch.

She was capable of having a foal though, and one of the times when she was in heat, a stallion from a neighboring ranch sensed her condition and came right over to see what he could do. Well, she got pregnant and then it created a problem for the rancher, who then had a decision to make. He opted to have the pregnancy terminated and thus save the life of his mare.

Shortly after the operation, the rancher noticed that the mare seemed to be in a state of depression and wondered why. He still felt that he had done the right thing, was glad to have the mare still alive and well, and prayed on what he could do. In a dreamlike vision, the mare herself explained to him that she was just going through a phase and would soon be over it, and not to worry. And shortly thereafter, she was fine and happy all over again.

At this point, Estelle pointed out that the female body has for one of its functions that of giving birth. This is one of its most precious functions, and when the animal body is deprived of this after sensing that it is pregnant, then it often goes into a state of temporary depression. It doesn't understand why this has happened, and isn't really capable of doing so, so only time will heal the wound. Now in animals, this can't really be explained to them, so the time of that depression just passes eventually. But in the case of a human being, the body is still an animal body, strictly speaking, and so it also goes through its passing depression once it has accomplished its function, or been deprived of it.

Some women experience what has come to be known as postpartum depression, possibly for the same reasons. But the difference is that in the case of the mare she has an owner to make such decisions for her, and in the case of the woman, she has her counterpart to this person, and that would be the inner soul of the woman, the conscience, or whatever you like to call it. Some call it the Higher Self, the Aumakua, or the Christ Self, but in any case , it is that part of each one of us which knows what is best for us at any given time in our lives. And this is the one that makes all the important decisions for us when we ask ourselves the answers to any serious question, and then receive answers.

Estelle went on to point out that those who believe that to have an abortion is to commit murder were sadly mistaken. She went in some detail to explain how it is that when a soul is to be born, certain safeguards are taken to insure that this will happen, and very little can be done by anyone else to stop it. So on this count alone there is some error in the reasoning. No such thing as death, and so those who feel or believe that you kill when you opt to have an abortion are mistaken. She went on to explain that a bit more cosmic education is needed to fill in the blanks of the equation here, and that in time all will come to see that an abortion is a choice that is every woman's right to make.

This does not take away from the seriousness of the issue however. And such a case should of course be thought over very carefully. But if a woman feels to do this, she should be allowed to , and anything else is a form of violation of cosmic laws. Free Will is the law that is quoted and invoked in this case, and there isn't a law that supports the belief that abortion is a sin or an evil thing to do. So that was that. Its logic stands well for itself.

By this time, Ruth was in tears, not tears of sorrow but of joy, and she said so on the spot, thanking Estelle for this great gift she had given to her. Our friend Estelle grasped this opportunity to ask a favor of Ruth, and that was to share this story with as many as would listen or were willing to listen. She added that too many women were suffering unnecessarily due to this burden of guilt; guilt over something that was and still is her choice to make.

Now she did caution against using abortion as a form of birth control, citing that to do so is to invoke a worse karma upon one's own head. But the Lords of Karma, those magnificent Beings Who are in charge of seeing that we all get what's coming to us, and of working out our lives on earth in the best ways possible, know the differences here and so wouldn't classify one as the other.

This is just an example of the wisdom that Estelle regularly comes through with, and oftimes it 's given in the most simple ways possible. Other cases abound, and I am at pains to pick just one. However, there are so many that one more does come to mind at this time.

It involved a lady whose husband was cheating on her and she suspected it, but wasn't of a mind to confront him for fear of what he might do to her. Now as the story unfolded, it became clear to me that this man was indeed cheating on her in the worst way, right under her nose, actually bringing the other woman, a work associate, home with him to eat the food that had been prepared for them both by his wife. It got worse from that point on, and it was all I could do to not have an emotional reaction to this terrible plight and to say what I ought not. Fortunately, I kept my emotions to myself, a good medium's duty.

Well, enter Estelle. She began by greeting the lady, and then mentioning some other things that she had come to ask about but which we hadn't gotten to yet. The lady, who I will call Mele, was amazed, and Estelle waved her on as a traffic cop might wave a motorist on the road to avoid them from gawking and being dangerous to themselves or to other motorists.

Then she got to the issue quickly, adding that Mele had been most patient already, and that there was nothing to indicate that she was being hasty in asking for a divorce, which she had come to do, unbeknownst to me. We just hadn't gotten that far along in the discussion yet, but Estelle knew it and was already encouraging it. She went on to say that after being observed by several of those in spirit, none of them could see that this man was planning to change anytime soon, but instead, thought that what he was doing was perfectly well and good. His weird reasoning was simply that these things usually happen in marriages, even the best ones, and therefore, what did it matter when it happened, seeing as how it would happen anyway! I remember feeling how absurd this was, and almost said so.

In other words, he had already created this all by himself, just by his own ideas on the matter, and there wasn't anything that could be seen that could be done to change this. It would change in time, Mele was told, but it wouldn't be a good idea to wait for this, as it could take many years for this to happen, and there was no point in suffering meanwhile.

So once again, our friend Estelle had seen what the issue was, understood it perfectly ,had given the best advice that could be given, based upon a recognition of the cosmic laws that were involved.

There were and are many more cases like these ones. Someday I am to write them all down for posterity I am told. For now what is important is that we have a friend in Estelle that we are so blessed to have. And she is quick to point out that she isn't the only such person in the Higher Realms that can help us to see things more clearly. She certainly is one of them, and one of the best ones that I know of personally, but we all have Guides that can and do function in similar ways. All we have to do is to acknowledge them and then ask them to help us to become more enlightened. Thank you, dear Estelle, and may we all have the grace and the awareness to look at those blessings that we already enjoy and to have the presence of mind to give thanks for them all, and those yet to come too. All the best to you, dear readers, and may your path be as filled as it can be with gratitude and awe and expectations that all will improve. It will!!

And now here's a bonus: Estelle has become aware that I am writing this article about her, and asks if she can take advantage of this opportunity to pass a general message along to all those who will be led to read it. This is so much like her to do something like this, and so, I have consented to have her dictate her thoughts to me for our common benefit. The following is what she has to say to us at this time:

"My dear friends, for most of you are from some life or another:

Greetings from all your friends here at Home! For that is how we view this whole affair, of you there on earth still living out your lives and we here back Home in the Spirit world, to which each one of you shall surely return some day. I do hope that you do not think me morbid in that I begin my little message thusly, but you see we see things like this, having gone through that change many times and recalling vividly each time, if we like. Frankly, we have better things to do than to sit about and reminisce, but once in awhile we do, just as you will do when again you return Home.

My only purpose in addressing you all is to remind you of something that I notice many of you seem to forget all too often. It is the point of your own individual importance and relevance to the Whole. Oh, all too often we see some of you temporarily overwhelmed by some challenge that has arisen in your path, and you begin to reason that there isn't any point in going on with it all. It's almost as if you decided that you wouldn't try anymore, or something like that. Not quite a death wish, but not far from it. It's almost like a form of cosmic indifference as to how your whole life settles out from thence onward.

Oh my dears, please, please remember this, if you remember nothing else that I may say: each and every one of you is a God in miniature, a Buddha in the making, and a Christ in school. I mean this literally and very solemnly. All too often whilst on earth we are prone to forget the whole point of being down there at all. And that point is that you are all "about your Father's business." These very words, spoken out of the mouth of the young Master Jesus when He was found teaching the rabbis in the temple by His earthly parents, Mary and Joseph, who had been worried, not knowing his whereabouts, are true of each and every one of us, whether we know it or not.

All of us are about our Father's and Mother's business, and that business is simply to live, to live and to learn, and thus to prosper your own souls into greater growth and evolution so that you can also inherit your Parents' kingdom some bright day. This is the Divine Plan for each one of us, dear souls, and though on earth you don't hear much about it, and more is the pity about that, still it is the ultimate Truth. The Truth of your souls, your bodies, and your minds, and every part of you, and all that you see about you as well.

I shall be happy to point out some examples of this Truth that hopefully you can relate to easily. For those among you who are musicians, I pose this question. Could you delete one of the keys of the keyboard of the piano and not notice it as you continued your musical experiences? You know that you could not. Sooner or later, you'd have to compensate for this somehow, and the result wouldn't sound as clean or as perfect. And for all of us who write, what would become of us if one, even one, of the letters of the alphabet were missing from our keyboards of our writing instruments? And perhaps there are those of you who will relate if I ask you how you would do if you were missing even one finger? Forgive me if I grow too graphic, but I simply want to impress upon you all the ultimate importance of each unit to the Whole. Each one is there for a reason, a purpose that has been foreordained, and with some planning on the part of the Creators, to say the least!

What if I told you that some of you are being saved for some future time, and that in that time, your role will be extremely important for the rest of us? It is the Truth in the case of one hundred percent of you dear souls. I promise you that, and mine eyes have seen the glory of that faraway day.

So lest you become despondent too soon, and tired of all this seemingly pointless labor and effort, I have only one last thing to leave with you. It is a fact that as part of the training that all do receive when you first return to Spirit, after having lived out your lives on earth, you will be shown a diamond, the gem, in a mine on earth that corresponds to your own soul. You will be shown how an ordinary piece of coal that doesn't appear to be much more than just that, under so much pressure of tons and of centuries, at last becomes what it has always been in potential, a diamond, the most brilliant and beautiful of gemstones! And suddenly, the point of this display will touch you, deep in your soul, and in your heart, and you will see and feel dissolve the last remaining vestiges of your earthly carelessness and apathy. And you will Care! You will care for your Self first of all, thus suddenly keeping the First Commandment given to Moses, even if you never did on earth. And you will Care for others, all others, and suddenly you will Care enough to experience the deepest desire to do something to help, to help all reach their own goal, that of the Diamond, that you have reached, at least to the point of realizing that this is what is in store for each one. And you will see the Absolute Importance and necessity of each and every gem, every Diamond, every Ruby, every Sapphire, every Pearl, every Emerald , every Amethyst, every Turquoise, every Topaz, every Opal, and every other gem that is in the making on earth.

And the importance of Each One will suddenly burst upon you like a brilliant Sun out of a cloudy sky. And dear ones, you will Rejoice, you will Rejoice like never before, and you will feel your Self being taken up into a High, High Place by the most Loving Hands You have ever felt, until you remember Those Hands, as Those of your Parents Eternal."

I have nothing to add to this, what could I possibly add to something like this, which comes from a very high place in Spirit. No, I only am grateful to dear Estelle that she saw fit to "come through" one more time and to grace us all by her Presence. I rest my case, happily and in peace. Peace to you all!

Arthur Hakalani Pacheco

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