Sir Arthur Through the Trance Mediumship of
Arthur Hakalani Pacheco
Oasis Center in Portland, Oregon
 February 1993

Weíve got the body now and we can begin to speak.

 My dear friends: It would appear that every time I choose or am asked to speak unto each of you, especially in a group setting, there are always others that I often refer to that are also in attendance. Most of you who are familiar with our work do remember this thing, that it is commonly said, ďOh look, there are others here, some of them out of their physical bodies, (those that are on earth, but come to listen out of their bodies) and other visitors here, as well, from different realms of the spirit world.Ē

 It is again the case tonight. And why then do I draw your attention to it? Why indeed? Well, simply, because as long as Iím here I canít bear the thought that there will be something I am so aware of and you not at all. So I but share the obvious, to me at least, and likewise itís valuable to remind you of this too. Forbid that you might have forgotten that you do share this universe with others whom you canít physically see, but certainly who are around you, oh, so very often.

This eve we have got an interesting Group accompanying us, and They happen to be so interesting because They are not what you call earthlings. They are not of this earth, not of this planet, though They work here, you might say, at intervals. They are those wondrous and holy brethren, both male and female, and a third gender, by the by, and They hail from the planet Venus.

So, youíve got here quite the surrounding of Venutian souls who are such a delight, really. Venutian beauties I shall call them, for They are indeed each and every one. Venus, the elder sister of earth, more advanced in Her evolutionary status, more wondrous as to Her inhabitants, is the planet ultimately of love in this sector of the universe.  You see Her light at various times during the year, if you be astronomically informed, and you feel Her constantly.

 How do you feel Her? Simple. By that warmth in your heart that tells you you love something; by that fondness that you might have for anyone or for anything. And yet, in a more accelerated form that immense attraction you might feel for generally one individual at a time, which you might experience and might call, somewhat erroneously, I might say, ďfalling in love.Ē Ummm.  Tricky that is, isnít it? ďFalling in love.Ē

 The Venutians are here simply because They have been asked to be here by the Great One, The Ancient of Days, and so They have come. They approached very recently at the time when you in America would celebrate, some would say, a frivolous holiday called Valentineís Day, which falls on the 14th of February. They came and They stayed, and They remain. Isnít that lovely? For some of Them are here specifically to direct, guide, and if necessary, push some of you in a loving direction. In many cases that would be quite simple. Itís just a matter of getting you to meet a particular person, and not only that, as they say here in your world, ďend of conversation.Ē Whatís done is done.

 For others, it would be a slightly different process. It would be that of working with you personally, from within yourself, as if your own conscience itself was speaking to you, thatís how you shall be experiencing it. Your conscience shall be reminding you or prompting you, on the spot, when you find yourself less than loving, less than appreciative, a bit too self-involved perhaps, and then you will fee it.

 Now, I certainly am not saying that each and every one of you here is love deficient or somehow handicapped in that area. On the contrary, you form a unique band, in that those of you who are drawn to a place like this one, and doing what shall be done this evening, you here already have got love as the banner that you fly continuously, and God Bless you for this.

 But of course, all things are by degree, arenít they? Yeah, even perfection is by degree. Faith is by degree, isnít it? Honesty is by degree, as is integrity, courage by degree, and all things being relative, well then, you see, it becomes quite an interesting formula. So then, this is the case, and I am here to alert you to it, and perhaps more than that I am here to invite you to invite Them to interact with you.

 Why some of Them, rather jokingly I suppose, are looking at me and projecting this rather strange feeling as if to say, "Like they donít have enough to do." And yet, They asked that I would please put in a plug for Them. So Iím doing it. Iím doing it.

 So then, I shall not do for you what I am about to say, yet that could be done, but Iíll not trespass on your own freewill that way. I will instead enjoin you to do this, at your leisure, when you feel it is appropriate. Itís but a simple thought. You can say, ďAll right Venusians come on down, join me, guide me, lead me, connect me, put me face to face with whatever soul will cause me to become more loving.Ē And thatís pretty much all you have got to do. Itís one of those things that has been planned from the beginning. Many of you here are quite ripe for such an encounter. Even those of you who might think, ďOh no, not I, Iíve got my mate.Ē

Oh, do you? Do you really? Why doesnít it look that way to us here in spirit? I tell you youíve got your test, and your challenge, and in some cases, your ball and chain perhaps, but we donít know that we see your mate. But there are a few, very few here who do.

 So then, take it as lightly as you like, yet itís there for you. It would be as if someone simply came and set out a large tray of sweets or chocolates, something like that, and said, ďHere you are, help yourself.Ē Then that one walks out, as Iíll soon do, the point being, if you do invite such a being to aid you then be prepared to do as you are instructed!