Message Given by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Through the Trance Mediumship of Arthur Hakalani Pacheco
On Thanksgiving Day 2000, in Honolulu, Hawaii


What might possibly be the purpose of our speaking this evening, except those things that are relevant to your lives, your affairs, your hearts, my dear friends, your sweet, sweet hearts? And hear I speak of something that at first might rather shock you.  Itís a wave that approaches and comes with sureness, and that wave has written large upon it Insanity. Make no mistakes my friends; you are not entering a saner world.  Iím afraid not, not for a bit, not for a bit.  On the contrary, havenít you been able to tell by the happenings, things that have been occurring around you? Look about. Can we say that people have been acting more sane? I donít think so, not from the looks of your ragged auras. No. I see youíve all been kicked about. I speak not in criticism, believe me, but in sheer observation of the welfare of my brethren and comrades.

My dear friends, acceleration must occur. You must know of course, certain feelings, certain thoughts, thought forms, actions resulting from this. These cannot and do not exist, save in lower frequency energy belts. So what is the solution? Well, obviously get out of it. Accelerate. Get out of Dodge, I believe is the way they use to put it on your American television.  It means, you know, quit the thing. Well, you canít all just quit your lives, can you? You canít all just up and go. Where shall you go? Where shall you go if you happen to live in one of the most lovely and etheric places on the planet? (Referring to Hawaii where the message was given.)

What is Causing this Wave of Insanity to Occur

So, I say my dears, what you do not have to do is worry. I am here to let you know what is occurring and what is afoot.  And what is afoot is this, that acceleration is being caused, affected by The Greatest Minds that you have contact with in this sector of your Universe.  That's all it takes is for five Cosmic Beings to focus on your planet and say, ďMove a little faster.Ē  And oh, believe me it shall.  Has the planet any power to resist?  Certainly not, for itís organic, alive, quite yet in the process of becomingÖÖ.becomingÖÖ.becoming.

All planetary bodies, for the most part, though they have a certain degree of realization, the moment that you are speaking of any real realization of the cosmic consciousness type, you are not so much speaking about the planet any longer.  That is but the incarnation, the vehicle, the body.  What we are speaking of here is the One that inhabits the planet.  We are speaking of the Spirit, the Being this is the ensouling factor of the planet, whatever it might be, you see? Thus each planet has its nature, its qualities, just as you doÖÖjust as you do.  (Here he speaks of planets being alive. Just as we are not our bodies, neither are the planets. All have a soul that inhabits the body. None of us are our bodies, we are alive conscious beings, including the planets.)

My dear friends, what is occurring here is that there shall indeed continue, for it is not beginning, it has begun already, the acceleration of all things on this planetary body.  What happens when people go faster than they have the skill to drive their vehicles?  Well guess what, they go off the road, donít they, unless they are very skillful and very astute?  So my dears, what am I telling you? Iím afraid I am telling you the worst.  Mind you, I say it with a chuckle, for youíll all survive it, believe me.  God Bless you.

However, it is best that you know at least what approaches, and I tell you itís Insanity, and I canít call it anything else.  Youíve seen it already.  Look!  Look!  Look! Youíve seen it already and I but tell you, you are but seeing the first zephyrs, the very first zephyrs of what shall be a tempest, and a gale I am afraid.

Aquarius, the Air Element, the Mind or Mental Body

Oh my dear friends, that is the form the karmic return is taking this time.  Aquarius, itís an air sign, isnít it?  We are entering that thing called the Aquarius Age, arenít we?  Well, well, well, air is mental.  Itís the mental body we will be dealing with here, the planetary mental body and the individual mental body.  And make no mistake, youíve got one.  Just as surely as the physical body can get ill with a cold, so also the mental body has its time and seasons of illness too.  And like the physical, it can be healed when properly attended to.


Mental Health is Affected

I once took some training as a medical man.  Indeed, I became a doctor.  To what end? Only that I could help peopleís physical vehicles function better that their souls might function fully.  So you see my dears, itís a matter of mental health that we speak of here.  Not so much the physical, though of course that shall have its consequences naturally.


Your Nearest and Dearest Loosing It Too

So, what am I talking about?  Bedlam, yes, I am afraid so.  You shall see that as the acceleration begins even your nearest and dearest, and Iím afraid I canít exclude anybody in this room, shall from time to time exhibit traits that you will have to say, ďOh, oh!  Oh, oh!  Here it is right in my own home.Ē  Meaning what? That sometimes those you least expect shall exhibit the symptoms, if you will, of insanity.


What To Do When Insanity Occurs

When these things occur, and perhaps here we arrive at the heart of this discourse, pray donít hold it against them, but do not be their victims either.  Be aware of what is occurring.  See it for what it is, and thank the dear Lord within you that you are not equally insane, else you would not be able to notice it, would you?  In other words, the insane seldom know that they are.  Only the sane can comment on insanity.

So, when you feel the vibrations of insanity donít think you are being too critical. Donít think you are being too harsh.  Now mind you, you need not say it.  I should not want to walk up to a large man and say, ďLook here sir, I realize you are insane, but youíll be better.  Give it a fortnight.  Take good care, meditate perhaps, and youíll feel fine.Ē  I should not want to do that. 

Iím afraid I must bring up an incident that occurred right here in the confines of your lovely, lovely city. (Honolulu)  Iím referring to the unfortunate events that occurred at the Xerox building.  My dear friends, that was a harbinger of things to come.  Now, I am not speaking about, you know, someone is going to hold you up in a building somewhere and keep you hostage.  No, no.  But what I am saying is that insanity can be, shall we say, subconscious, subterranean, and suddenly pop up at an unexpected time and place.  This you must, in a sense, anticipate as much as you can.  Youíll ever be surprised anyway.

So my dears, come to know this, that when your nearest and dearest exhibit insanity, imbalance of the mental body, the first thing youíll want to do is ascertain to what degree that you might be out of striking distance.  For mind you, while they are in that state, consider them as one who is hysterical.  They can do anything.  You have got to be careful.  You canít blame them.  And donít leave yourself there thinking, ďOh, sheíll respond to me.Ē  And then have her strike you or say something thatís equally shocking, and then have it cause a schism in your relationship.  If this occurs, thatís your fault.  Learn to be good nurses.  Do you understand what I am saying?

I am not saying that if you are already in the process of leaving somebody you shouldnít continue to leave.  Why ever did you begin the process, you see?  I am not saying that.  I am not saying you have got to stay and hold their hand either. I am saying that if you have no such agreement with him or her, let us say when this thing began you thought you were on good terms you know.  Doesnít it happen like that?  ďI thought we were friends.Ē  Then suddenly this person is acting quite rudely to you and shockingly you say, ďWhat is wrong?  What have I done?Ē  Especially  when you canít think of a single thing youíve done wrong, and in fact you havenít done anything. Donít waiver when you feel that you have done nothing to warrant this treatment, for if you have, believe me, guilt shouts loud and long.  If you have done something wrong, oh, believe me, you will know it.  If you are guilty, the moment the offended one speaks back to you, you will almost want to fall to your knees and take the blow. But it wonít be like that, and it hasnít been like that, has it? 

It is when you are insulted, slighted, ignored or whatever, and see no reason for it.  Youíve done nothing, and suddenly someone you thought you were on good terms with is treating you like a stranger or worse.  This is what I am saying.  You simply ascertain, take care, and if I were you I should make a quick mental pass over my solar plexus area to put up a bit of a shield.

Some of you might not need to do that.  Fine.  You are the fortunate ones.  The point being you are desensitized, because normally you are quite open and sensitive to the ones you love, arenít you? I am referring my dears, donít forget, not to strangers on the street, for these you shall have less and less to do with, but instead those that are close to you. Yes.  And obviously I am not here to speak about anything that shall incite paranoia.  That is the last thing I should want to do, in that I come to speak of love and love only.

So no, donít be frightened when your loved one suddenly turns and snaps at you.  Realize, oh got something here, red flag, you know.  Not something you would say my dears, kindly control your tongues.  For I tell you, I see those among you here who would immediately want to use what I am saying this moment, almost like a club.  ďOh, donít forget what Sir Arthur said.  Now you are acting just like that.Ē  You see? You canít do that.  You canít do that, I forbid it.  And you know I forbid very little.  Please, I couldnít bear that my words would ever be used to harm anyone.  So please donít do that, but do what you know is the correct thing to do.

I am merely making a few simple suggestions to describe the phenomena itself, and what you might do as it approaches, engulfs you, and then leaves you, for it shall indeed.  This is not a permanent thing my dears.  You are not dealing with chronic insanity for the earth plane, you know.  Iím afraid not.  Thank God.

So you ascertain the degree, and again donít forget, if one is insane, even temporarily, theyíll not usually know it.  They wonít be watching, for this is one of the first things that go with insanity.  It is called the second attention.  Theyíll not be able to notice the affect they are having on others, which only you who are truly sane will have well developed.  So, what I am saying to you is they will not know it.  So, donít expect them to.  Donít expect them to know that theyíve hurt your feelings.  Please, and pray donít be childish and take it personally.  Try your best not to, please.  We must work with noble men and women here.

And as you know dear ones, though there be few here physically in this room, as you well know I generally like to employ such lovely settings as I am using here, that I choose to employ this particular medium for this particular message to reach others who are also here, but out of their body.  So weíve got quite the crowd here.  So, this is going out to many, and is also being broadcast on what we would call the astral airwaves, as well.

But to continue, Insanity is the return of someoneís karma.  Insanity is the signal that somewhere, somehow, one has gone too far and now is going too far again, you know, but this time involuntarily.  Yes.  Youíve got that.  Insanity is the imbalance of the mental body, which should, by its very definition, make clear that the person is not thinking clearly.

Insanity Is Always Temporary

Insanity is temporary.  AlwaysÖÖ.always.  Please keep this in your memories. For do you know  that if you can believe this, for I tell you it is the absolute truth, all insanity is temporary.  Youíve got to believe it, for if you donít you are believing in blasphemy, which is that a Divine Being can permanently lose track of its ďSelfĒ or God.  It doesnít happen. 


Calling on Emergency Teams

Insanity is that which you will encounter in your working cohorts.  Insanity must be dealt with in this way: that you somewhat, emotionally at least, distance yourself, you canít always physically, from the source of the insanity.  That you see it for what it is, or try to.  That you call to the Higher Spiritual Forces with which you have any contact at all, asking that They immediately locate the ones that are Divinely Ordained to help this particular soul, and believe me everyone has this.  You all have your emergency help systems.  They vary, but they are all in tact.  You simply make a call, make a prayer, call it what you like, and ask that those particular Beings whose assignment in cosmos is to help save this soul from making dire mistakes, that those Ones come and immediately minister to the tormented one.


Removing Astral Flies

You also might want to ask, if you are of the mind, that any, shall we call them flies, I like to call them that, meaning lower astral beings that tend to like to gather about in such places, for they take advantage of such confusion, and ask that these be removed immediately.  And then you begin to send love to that one, and as you do you have a sense that they will come out of it. And you send them that strong, strong message "You will come out of this."  In a sense, that is all you have to do right there.  I suggest you distance yourself when you can, for I tell you such things donít generally go away immediately.  And so, if you stay in the neighborhood they are bound to strike at you sooner or later.


Insanity in Our Politicians

You shall be encountering insanity in your Politicians.  Theyíll speak right into the television camera and say things that, well, letís say the whole world will know theyíre crazy.  You might say it has happened already.


Insanity in Our Superiors

You will see insanity in those very often who are you so-called superiors, or anyone that might appear to be in a position of authority above you.  Unless that one truly is only in that position because of their spiritual attainment, anything else is subject to infiltration.  Do you understand?  Very good.  Let us continue.


Insanity, at Times Even in Ourselves

You shall find it, unfortunately my dears, and again please no paranoia, at times in those very, very close to you, the closest ones to you.  And to these, of course you must be the most compassionate.  You will find that from time to time you will all be insane. (Here he laughs) I dare say I canít see an exception here.  The lot of you, everyone.  But again I say it not mockingly, you know that.  I only say  it that you might catch the gist of what I am trying to get across to you, that youíll have to laugh at yourselves.  You will know, and that is the difference.  You will know that you are insane, whereas, mostly the insane do not.  And therein lies the difference, my dears.  Truly the big difference, right there.  You will know from the moment you say or do that thing that brands you as the crazy, you will know it.  Youíll brand yourself,  (He laughs) without a moments hesitation I should hope.  ďYep! There I go off the deep end.Ē

 You know, even as, and dear ladies please forgive the analogy, but Iím afraid it serves a purpose, itís become now fashionable for many ladies to say, ďOh, Iím sorry itís my PMS.Ē  Right?  Donít they?  They always know that there are certain times of the month when they donít know why, but they over react, or what appears to be.  Truth is that during that time their skin is very thin, so to speak, and so anything that seems offensive or unjust they are almost powerless to keep silent about.  Perhaps itís a good thing after all, isnít it?  Well, the point being you see, that is the difference.  You will know when you are acting insanely.  And some of you, a very precious few, shall be so blessed as to very, very rarely experience or exhibit anything even akin to something youíd call insanity.  These ones hold a great responsibility though, as they shall find out.

So my friends, I am afraid I must give you this bad news, which is good news.  Simply because now you know, which you hadnít previously.  Insanity approaches your planet.  Why?  Simply because when you are engulfed in a fog you seek the light intuitively.  You must, itís your way out, isnít it? So, when insanity engulfs a planet and people begin to get the gist of it and sense it, they seek their sanity, which is found in their Divinity. Some of you are not comfortable with that word Divinity. You rather flinch, I believe.  I can only attribute this to not having visited your Celestial Parent anytime recently.  I suggest you do so,  (He laughs) at least in your heart and thoughts.

Dear ones, what youíve seen is only the beginning Iím afraid.  Only the beginning.  So expect it. Know that it comes.  It should be unrealistic to think it wonít.  But know this, youíll not yourselves get caught or lost in it.  Even though you might temporarily slip just a bit, as one might walking through your large places of mud.  You might slip into the pothole.  Doesnít mean youíre drenched in the stuff.  Neither shall you be.  Regain your balance as you can.  Take a bit of leisure, get away from whatever it is that is most stressful at the time, if you can.  But more than anything call to the Great Lords of Mind, These Great Beings, shall we say, focus the Mind of God to put it, well, I should say metaphorically, but at the same time quite literally.

What we are saying to you friends, is donít be overwhelmed by the insanity thatís about to overwhelm the planet.  Know it for what it is.  When it might play through you, know that as well.  Feel not ashamed of it.  Neither reprimand your loved ones when they exhibit it, but help each other get through it as best as you can. But always remember that while the insane are insane, always temporarily, they may not know what they do, and they might strike out at you. So beware, put yourself not in that position, for I tell you it can create a rift and a resentment that might take a long time to heal.

Passing Trough the Photon Belt and Moving To the Fourth Dimension

Take care.  Know that itís as if a plague of a very physical nature were about to, you know, strike and it shall cause people to have temporary dementia.  They shall go crazy, do whatever, throw something at you.  Know that itís temporary, that is passes and after that you should be so happy to have your loved ones back safe and sane, for then we shall have all passed through that photon belt that is the acceleration itself.  That is the very thing that is going to cause this insanity that we are already beginning to pass through.

My dear friends, when it passes and it wonít be that long as time would go, years would go, very few.  You will then all come out to a saner world, and wonít that be lovely, really.  You will all be so happy, for those who insist on insanity shall have gone with the insanity, swept off the planet I say.

So you see, my dears, it's one of those terrible filters that Iím afraid you must all pass through, and it just might get snagged on your own garments here and there, so what.  Youíll not get combed out, for you are not the knots or tangles, but are instead the oil in the hair of the Divine Mother. Slide on through dear ones.  Glide through the ocean of insanity.  Beware to not allow the vipers of insanity to strike at you too many times.  And think not, "Oh I can take it.  You know, Iíll stay right here."  Such foolishness Iím afraid has been rewarded by a gravestone.

So dears, donít overestimate yourselves, and donít underestimate insanity.  And perhaps more than anything donít underestimate the fact that there is such a loving One that is always what you feel as your True Self, that is intimately taking your next breath very consciously for you.  That Being, of which you are but a molecule, a part and a cell, is not about to cast you away, but is pulling you through this thing called the veil of insanity.  That sanity, coming from the word sanus, which means sane or healthy, shall be the natural state of things as it truly is in the fourth dimension, which is where we shall be when the process is complete.  God Bless you my friends.  God Bless you!

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