Free Lecture and Demonstration

There is no death, for the life of the soul is eternal. When a soul has fulfilled its requirements

for a particular life on earth it simply sheds its physical garment and continues its evolutionary

process on its own plane, the fourth dimension, also known as the astral world. While on

earth you are living these lives simultaneously.


Have you ever stopped to wonder what life is like beyond the veil? In other words, what life

is like when you return home to spirit. Have you ever wondered what process occurs when you,

the soul, decide to return and take physical incarnation once again?


Join me for an enlightening afternoon, and on the 23rd it will be held during the evening.

This lecture includes a demonstration of this journey as the soul prepares

for its return to earth. The evening promises to be enlightening. All lectures are the same.



Sundays, January 11th & 18th from 2 to 4 pm

   Friday, January 23rd from 7 to 9 pm


Space is limited. Please call to reserve your place

You may email Shastra at




Shastra Luning is a mystic, visionary, huna practitioner, medium, writer and teacher of spiritual wisdom. Born and raised in the beauty and magic of the Hawaiian Islands, Shastra has dedicated over three decades unraveling the mysteries of life with an unwavering focus. The haunting questions within (who am I....who are we....why are here....where do we come from and where do we go when we leave here....) begged answers. She did not rest until these answers were found. Shastra has lived the last 20 years, since leaving corporate America, as a mystic and is passionate about helping her students drop their malcontent and their fears. Are you ready to be free?


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