The great and holy LORDS OF KARMA

















Who are these Beings? These Beings you can’t see, yet do indeed exist. One of the Universal Laws is As Above, So Below. Just as in our Government we have Senators and Congressmen on up to the President himself, so also with the inner Government of this planet (the plane or dimension that your soul resides on) there are Mighty Beings who have proven Their Mastery that relate to cosmic and karmic bonds. These Great Ones become then as the Supreme Court of the Inner Spiritual World.  These Cosmic Beings, for eons, have evolved to the point wherein They are perfectly suited and fitted, by Their consciousness, to be arbiters of karmic situations, and how these situations shall out-picture in the physical world.

These Magnificent Beings can be petitioned.  This is a very ancient ritual and many use this tool. You simply sit and write Them a letter.  What you are doing here would be the equivalent of taking your case to the Supreme Court, except here you are taking your case to Supreme Court of the inner spiritual world. (Your soul lives on these inner planes simultaneously while your personality lives in the outer physical world. Every waking moment you live in two worlds. Your soul knows what is right for you. The more you come into alignment with it, your true self, the more harmonious your life will become.)

So what do you petition? Look at the different departments or areas of your life that seem to be blocked and include these in your letter. This would include, but are not limited to, your fears, judgments, limitations, beliefs, etc. Look to your relationships, your job, your clients, your finances, your spouse and your children, all of it. Include any person, place, thing or situation that is troublesome. Scan your entire life and see where you would like changes to occur. Include all of this in your letter so mighty and powerful shifts can occur. The more specific you can be the better. Use names, describe situations. At the end of the petition, sign your name and this letter is read for three consecutive days. On the third day you burn it. Consider it done and delivered.

After that you simply go on with your daily life.  You will generally find that within a very short amount of time events will begin to occur, things will cross your path that have been unforeseen. It is as if you pressed a start button, as the forces that you have set in motion will begin to unfold and out-picture themselves in your life.  You can write this letter constantly and are encouraged to do it over and again.

Let’s use this analogy. Say you had a wealth of financial resources in a bank account. You take all of your outstanding debts to the banker and say, “I have all of these debts that I owe. What can you do for me?” The banker looks over what you owe and also what resources you have in your account and says, “Well, we can pay all of these off. You pay us one big payment and then you are done with it.” When writing letters to the Lords of Karma, you will find that however the situations play out, they will eventually work out to the advantage of all parties concerned.

It’s important for you to know that unless you ask for these karmic adjustments and go before, shall we say, the Supreme Court of the inner spiritual world, these adjustments are not made. These adjustments cannot be made. Remember: Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall open. You must ask first, by the Cosmic Law of Free Will, and then doors can be opened. Your free will is ever operative. Nothing can ever be imposed on you, for in all of life, in all of the dimensions the Law of Free Will reigns.  

 Writing a Letter to the Lords of Karma

You may begin your letter this way: (Cut and paste this into a new document & make copies to use every time.)

Dearly Beloved Lords of Karma:

 You who understand my destiny far greater than I do myself I am now calling for you dear ones to please review my case. I am calling for you to review my karmic records, including past lives. Look into all areas that are mentioned in this petition, all facets and aspects of each one that are keeping me bound and restricted. Aid me in circumventing the long route in favor of the short one.

Help me to redirect my steps, my energy and my life so that I can straight away and quickly come into a much more appropriate use of my energies, a more powerful use of my time and my consciousness. I ask that you would please render any miracles that may be given and that you would rearrange my karmic patterns. I lovingly volunteer to go along with the program such as it is presented to me and to do my best of service.

Send your council and emissaries that will come and work with me around the clock, awake and asleep, those who will assist me to come into alignment with my own divine plan. I know that to be in alignment with my divine plan is to live joyful and fulfilled where my unique gifts and talents will be used to serve humanity and the Greater Glory of God.

 I ask that this be done for me immediately. I ask that I be given direction and impressions of the actions that I am to take. Let your emissaries guide me where I precisely need to go, so all things will work speedily toward not only my own revelation and self-realization, but that of this entire planet.

Please review my case where these issues are concerned: It is here you would read what you wrote in your letter.


  • Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect, which falls under the Cosmic Law of Recompense.  Cosmic Laws are God’s Laws, unchanging Laws that hold the Universe together. We accrue lots of good karma too, not only negative karma.

  • Trust! There is not one thing to fear (False Evidence Appearing Real), as we are more loved than we can even imagine, loved beyond our earthly comprehension. The Divine only wants our total and complete happiness and freedom.

  • There is a Divine Plan & Purpose for our lives. Keep your letter focused toward this end. With each problem area you write about ask that the situation be healed and brought to a greater state of expression, so that you may come into alignment with your life’s plan and purpose. Your Divine Purpose will always hold within it your greatest joy and fulfillment.

  • Be specific. Stay away from generalities. Even down here, when you take your case to court you must be detailed, crossing every T and dotting every I. In your letter give names, describe situations, name your fears and guilt and with who and what. What are you ashamed of? What do your feel really bad about? Explain this to the Board, always asking to forgive and to be forgiven so that your God-given energies and time may be used in a much greater way to serve humanity.

  • We all have a Cosmic Bank Account filled with debits and credits that accrue daily. Ask for the return of your good karma, and always ask to be healed of your negativity that continues to bring unfortunate situations into your life. Write about these situations and problem areas, asking to get to the root so you do not have to continue to repeat these situations.

  • The trajectory of Spirit – The Higher Up you go the Greater the God. There are Great Beings who sit in high and lofty places, who with one thought could change everything for you. Ask yourself: How is what I ask for going to make life on earth better for others? See yourself free and having what you’ve asked for. How has life been changed right around you? Now, take that out to the next level, and then the next level. You will start to draw the attention of these Great Beings.

  • Following protocol. 1) Read your letter for three consecutive days (out loud), burning it on the third day after your final reading. This is an ancient ritual practiced throughout the ages. Adhering to proper protocol is important. 2) Be sure to sign and read your first and last name at the end of your letter. 3) Treat this process as sacred. Stay away from being lazy or sloppy. Would you hire an attorney that would handle your case in this way?  No! Put thought and time into this. Realize that you are taking your case before Great Cosmic Beings who can truly rearrange your life for your highest and greatest good.





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