October 1, 1994


You sit and you contemplate this thing called mediumship, and yes it has been a favorite topic of my own for quite some time. I can see now for centuries. Obviously, anything that fascinates one for centuries deserves a bit of looking into, doesn’t it? Why in the world or why outside of the world, I should say? And so I’ve contemplated it.


I approached a Great Being, one you might know as the Master Hilarion. I said, “Lord, can you tell me why it is that this thing (mediumship) holds me like a string?” He did not tell me really. He said, “You need to contemplate that, don’t you?” He turned me back unto myself, but of course where else. So that is what I did.


Building a temple of privacy with a thought 

In this world that I inhabit, it’s quite lovely that one can literally place oneself within a very beautiful sanctuary with just a thought. We all learn to do it. We learn to create lovely little temple-like structures around ourselves for the purpose of insulating ourselves. These things are viewed by others who might want to come by and see what you are doing, perhaps to chat a little bit. When they see this temple around you they know enough to leave you alone. It is like a privacy sign.  


And so I entered my own little temple and I began to contemplate this hold that mediumship has had on me for centuries. And what I saw was simple. I saw that which holds the Universe together, and that was simply LOVE. I simply saw that when one loves then one seeks to touch, one seeks to reach out, and one seeks to communicate. So what then was the essence of all this mediumship? To Love Everyone. It is simply the intent, you could say of spirit, to reach out and touch someone. Like your little jingle says. Yes, yes. Can’t you see it?


When you think in terms of mediumship let go of those old thoughts of some lady swooning in a trance with a man’s voice coming out of her throat. Granted those things have occurred. But is it not proper and lovely when we look into higher octaves of anything really, in this case mediumship, that there exists the ability to be an instrument for love; to be an instrument of communication between one of the great mansions of the Lord’s creation unto the next. That is all. You (mediums) are as go-betweens, liaisons. You are diplomats. You are those who bring information from one place and take it to the next, so that greater understandings might be shared. What can be wrong with that?


I say this thing, my dear friends, in as much as you all might have a fondness for this old topic, some more than others, that you also, could I say, have got reservations. Yet I see that these are born out of misunderstandings. So I have come to allay your fears, if possible. I’ve come to give you higher sight on this whole topic that the term mediumship might take on a more lovely view in your minds and your thoughts. That you use mediumship not promiscuously, but that you realize it is an office. Yes, an office that one can voluntarily occupy, where one is trained, prepared, and then able to act as an instrument for communicating love.


I referred to the Lord Hilarion earlier, I speak His name again. It is well for you to know of your elder brethren. The Lord Hilarion, a Great and Holy Master who once was blinded by the light. Then, as the rather misguided and over zealous Saul of Tarsus, He was off to persecute what was then the early Christian movement. Oh yes. He wasn’t always a good guy you know. No. No. Read your gospels and you’ll know a little bit about him. “Saul! Saul! Why does thou persecute me?” asked the Lord Jesus. And in that moment Saul realized who he was really persecuting.


You have got your misguided zealots today as well, persecuting people, well, like yourselves. When you hear of this, my friends, I suggest that you, in a moment of prayer, in your own minds, send to them this same thought. When you see these, what I call misguided souls, who would rapidly get rid of people like yourselves because you have an interest outside of their own beliefs, then simply mentally say to them, “Saul, Saul why does thou persecute me?” And then you are speaking for the Lord Jesus at that point, you see? (This discourse was given in 1994. There is a much wider acceptance today (2008) of mediums and mediumship than there was back then.)


Saul became enlightened in consequence of that realization, and changed his name to Paul. He became one of the greatest early Christian teachers. He brought forth the gifts of the Holy Spirit. So you see there was a great turnabout in his consciousness. I say that this can occur here and now, as well. I say that every one of you has the power to spiritually call out to those communities that feel you are a threat, and like the Lord Jesus call to them to examine themselves, that they also might undergo a change and realize that persecution has got them bound.


You have powers of the spirit dear ones that no one has told you about. If you know how to read, again I say, the words of the Master Jesus you will find these keys. At one point He said to His disciples, “Whatsoever ye bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. Whatsoever ye loosed on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Think about this. It was obviously a transfer of power. This is something like the Hindu Guru who with a slap on the back, or a look, or a word can transfer energy unto their disciples.


These things are important for you to understand. Ye be as Knights and Ladies of the flame of truth. Just as the Knights of yore (times past) at times you will find yourselves doing battle, principally in spirit, in your mind. Hopefully not physically. This is seldom necessary and even more, barely of any use. So, consider these things my friends, consider these things. Consider that you might bind something on earth and it shall be bound in heaven. Allow me to explain what this binding is.


It is using your free will, after some consideration to discern the fallacy of certain states of consciousness. This takes a certain amount of spiritual responsibility on your part, but I tell you that you have got the right to do it. For instance, there are those overzealousness souls who feel that anyone who deals in the ways of spiritualism or anything like this is a threat, a direct threat and someone to be wiped out.


Oh, you’d be surprised. I do not want to frighten you friends, but I tell you we have observed them in their planning and they have got very little good intent toward you. I am not telling you they are going to come storming in here, you know, and take you all prisoners. By the Grace of God such is not their authority, but they would if they could, some of them, believe me. They would so that their children could rise up as they envision them, without the threat of things like witchcraft and devil worship, and all those things they imagine that you are doing in a place like this. (This was given 1994 when I had the Oasis Center)


Even now I tell you, this place, this very place that you find yourself seated in from time to time experiences negative thought forms sent by those who believe they know what goes on here. Now again, I don’t say this to alarm you, I don’t say this to frighten you. On the contrary, one is only frightened of things that one does not know about and then this brings on fear. I am exposing this openly. I tell you that each one of you, in turn, might experience some of this resentment, which is born out of ignorance, of course, and spiritual blindness, but nevertheless is harmful and uncomfortable.


Fear not my friends. These things are not a matter of fear but of intelligent discernments. You can, and indeed I believe it is a good idea to call out to the Great Forces of Heaven, the Heavenly overseers. You may not even know Their names for They are not common to you. It matters not. But you may call to Them. What to do then? (Here we are given a way to begin to stop this harmfulness against humanity and the planet, against those on the planet that harbor hatred toward others.) 


Do you see? If you don’t ask for it friends then the practice continues. You are the authority on this plane. Don’t you know this? You are the authority. Not we! Not we! Some say, “Oh, if there is a God, well He should stop war, and stop pillage, and stop all this hatred.” They speak as children in their understanding.


If there is a God, then that God has given unto each person free will, and unto each octave or level or dimension the authority to deal with those things that are adversely affecting them and life on their dimension. Such is the law. So it is not God, not angels, not guides, none of us have got the authority to clean up things in your world. Can you see this? Only you can do it. We can aide you, we can help you immeasurably. We have got to be invited because of the Law of Free Will. We have got to be invited. If you care to do so, fine. We will work with you side by side. And then can’t you see the value of mediumship, and of communication? Can't you see how together we can change your planet for the better?


You have got a big job to do my friends. Just look about. By reading your newspapers you will see this. But I say that it won’t be done unless it is done by and through those of you who are in body on earth. I speak of these things that you might understand what the stakes are, what the conditions are. I think it is only fair in that you are here during these times enduring thoughts of hate, annihilation, and do not know from where they are coming. You need not know who. It is not a matter of pointing fingers. It is a matter of knowing that such ignorance does exist, temporarily. Perhaps it is here as a necessary impediment so that when at last clarity does come there shall also come joy that at last the dark cloud of the mind is gone physically from earth. (This day will come, and not as far off as you may think.)


So if you have got the spirit and the stamina to do this, my friends, if you care to take up the sword and do battle, a mental and spiritual battle mind you, then call to us and invite us in. Call to the Great Forces of Heaven. We will be right there with you. Some of you may not be up for the fight. This is your choice. For there are some soldiers who previously have been wounded in battle, and one does not expect them to take up the sword and go at it again. And if they do pick up the sword (The spiritual sword) well it is a supreme act of bravery on their part. The choice is yours.


So we leave this upon the table for your inspection. You are reminded that we cannot do battle for you, only with you, and ONLY upon invitation. We love you all and stand ready to walk and work with you.



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