In August of 1988 my life drastically changed when I met one of the most gifted trance mediums on this planet. The change actually took root in January of that year. Being done with earthly teachers, I sent a decree into the Universe stating loud and clear, “I now want to be taught directly by the spirit world.”


For seven months prior to meeting Arthur I was trying to locate a grandfather I hadn’t even known in this life, all I had was his name.  The pieces hadn’t come together and my attempts were frustrating and futile. Then a girlfriend called one Saturday and asked if I had heard of Arthur Pacheco. “No”, I said. “He is a trance medium and is doing a full moon cruise off of Waikiki tonight. His guides will come through and speak from the other side. Would you like to go?” “Is the Pope Catholic?” I replied, and off we went.


That night Arthur walked over to me after his trance address. We sat in casual conversation when all of a sudden he said, “There is a man standing next to you. He is tall, distinguished and would appear to be on your father’s side of the family, an older gentleman. Has your father lost someone in his family?” At first I said no, but then remembered I had been looking for my grandfather and shared this with Arthur. “Well, he is standing right next to you. I can tell he’s been on the other side for some time because he knows his way around there. He wants you to know he is responsible for you being here tonight. He also wants you to know he is one of your guides, working with you from the other side.” I floated home that night. Mesmerized by the wonder of what had occurred, I had not yet realized my decree had come to pass.


A month later I was in Arthur’s living room for my first private reading getting acquainted with my deceased grandfather who I now knew was a guide. Though feeling sorry he was not still on earth, I was at the same time excited to know we would work together. After a while Arthur went into trance and Sir Arthur, who refers to himself as the Spokesman for the council that guide the medium, came through to chat.  (This is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who passed away in 1930 and was known as the author of the Sherlock Homes novels.)


One of the first things Sir Arthur wanted me to know was that they (those who guide Arthur from the other side) were not interested in telling me or anyone what to do. As guides they are far more interested in the evolution of one’s soul. They clearly know the importance of someone digging deep within for answers. Besides, with Sir Arthur being a master of mystery I would eventually come to realize instead of answers more often than not he would leave clues.


Thus began an exhilarating adventure, one that opened the door for me to form new relationships with beloved, old friends on the other side. It has now been twenty years and my relationship with the unseen world is as solid and real as any here on earth.


What you will find in this section are but a few excerpts, covering a wide range of topics, from various sittings that others or I have had since September of 1988.  I am not here to convince you of anything. I am not here to defend my position. I merely will share what I consider to be a wealth of information that has changed, not only my life, but hundreds of other lives for the better. Mahalo for your interest.


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