Through the Trance Mediumship of Arthur Hakalani Pacheco

October 29, 1999


Shall the days of communications ever come to an end?  I trust not.  My dear and beloved friends, again it is my grand and holy privilege to adopt this body in a fashion that we can make known unto you all our own thoughts on this very sacred subject. 


It is all very well, my dears, to jest about the ancient and timeless male and female conundrum, and yet I say unto you that there occurs here, I must say in spirit, and at one point in consciousness, a wondrous mystery.  To put it quite plainly, when one attains to a particular point of awareness in consciousness, done without the physical body generally, as there be so very few who do attain this thing while yet in flesh, you literally see the dual faces of God simultaneously. 


In other words, it isnít a matter of male or female, itís a matter of both, both quite obviously in the same place at the same time.  I say, it is the twain.  Indeed! And yet, and yet, that being the pinnacle, as it were, what occurs before one reaches that holy place of awareness? 


Well, there is an aspect of that I would speak of this night.  Perhaps I must refer to my own rather humble experience shortly after regaining into spirit.  I was greeted by my own dear ones, and believe me the greeting party was extensive. In truth, it was almost like a grand and holy homecoming. And yet, wanting to seek the peace that all souls do seek, you say, ďYes, yes, all are here, and I am here as well, and yet I grow weary.  May I seek my own place of rest?Ē  And so you do. 


And I say that it is in that time and in that place that one comes into the holiest embrace of all. That is of being embraced by the Divine Presence, as it were, which has Itís own magical way of conveying unto you that, ďI was never apart from you, neither you from Me.  But indeed, am I not yourself?  Are you not I?Are you not the finger that was writing for me while I, the author, was never quite fully in flesh, but a part of me always in spirit?Ē And so having had that glorious experience, the reunion if you will, with the Self, then one goes on. 


What did I find?  Well, one of the most delightful things I must say was the presence of angels.  And, my dear, dear friends, youíve heard it said that an angel might have come to speak to this one or to that one, ďWell, was it a he, or was it a she?Ē  Youíll find that the person relaying the story is often at odds.  ďWell, I donít know, really.  Might have been, I canít tell, it looked like a he, but then again it was quite so feminine.  What does it all mean?Ē 


We speak then of androgyny, my dears.  We speak of that thing of the soul that is neither really male nor female.  And yet, and yet, somewhere, somehow, in the depths of the vault of your own consciousness, youíve got a sense of yourself, that somehow you lean just slightly towards one or the other.  And therein lies the polarity, the secret of all.  That somehow, somewhere, God choosing to create you, had just a slightly more male or female idea.  And lo, that is what youíve embodied all these lifetimes.  For it is of truth, my dears, that one tends to embody more often in one gender than in the other, though both are quite necessary to round out the physical experiences in the schoolroom of earth.


So, to proceed, what then occurs when at last youíve, shall I say, determined your gender? (Sir Arthur speaking of the difficulty in determining your gender upon first returning to the spirit world.) Not as easy as on earth, Iíll tell you.  For Iíll tell you that I begun to have this welling up within me of all the feminine lifetimes I'd ever led.  Yeah!  Mind you, Iíd only recently quit the male body, and as they say on your earth plane, it wasnít yet cold.  And here I was already, you know moving about, looking about, and feeling quite as Iíd been the man Iíd been, or thought I was, on earth.  And yet, and yet, feeling for all the world, quite as a woman.  What does it all mean?


For instance, when I greeted one of my dear aunts who I had loved dearly as just a young lad in knickers, I felt my whole heart expanding and it was as if tears would well up.  And I thought, ďOh, my God, Iíve got the heart of a woman.  How has this occurred?Ē  Well, it went on like that, and it goes through phases my friends, it goes through phases. But to get to the point I shall say this thing, having determined oneís gender, if you will, and that word would almost seem too strong for the world of spirit, then of course, you do note the gender of others.  Then what occurs? Oh, itís a lovely thing. 


You know what occurs, my dears, is this, whatever your gender might be, let us say in my own case it happened to be the just slightly more masculine, then whenever I am in the presence of the feminine I wait, almost as one would on the edge of oneís seat.  What shall this lovely Being show me that I canít see for myself?  Yes, itís that.  Oh yes, itís that.  Lo, and you are quite aware that you are certainly God, but only one half of God, and the only way you can see the other half is by being in Itís presence.  Yes.


Neediness, not at all.  The word doesnít even arise. Not as we see it when we look down on earth.  Yet I say that a gross, gross caricature of this thing is to be found on the earth plane.  On earth one feels truly lacking that we do not feel at all here in spirit. 


The fact that I happen to be of the masculine gender, and have been, lo, these many millennia, makes me not at all less, but more.  Canít you see?  I am all the more.  And yet, whenever the feminine does come into my presence, and I note it as one would note the waft of the sweet scent of incense, Iím all a glow.  For behold, God as Mother is speaking to me.  Am I not to hear it?  On the contrary, all things cease at that point while I listen, while I receive, while I become then receptive, and She becomes the giver, the positive.  So, at what point, you see, my dears, can one truly draw lines?  And I say, it is rather the constant and sacred dance of Cosmos. 


How is it that we interact here in the spirit realms?  Just so, just so.  We are constantly aware that what I am and have got, she is completely open to. And what she is, I am ever wanting to see, to know and to receive.  So, you see, my dears, there is anything but competition, much less strife. 


And so, when we look down upon our beloved brethren in flesh, yourselves, we look at you all and see your pain.   I must say this occurs (like on earth) when one canít see this, as Iíve just explained, and one is ever jockeying for ďtheirĒ position. 


It canít go on, and it shall not go on.  Instead the future holds a brilliant dawning.  Yes, I say, the dawn of this lovely time of Aquarius.  For I tell you, even looking at it from an astrological point of view, youíll find in most males who happen to be of the Aquarian persuasion, a very deep underlying essence of femininity.  And it is for this very reason that it is so. 


So, you enter this grand cycle, and I say it brings with it the most beautiful merging that has not been seeing on your planet for thousands and thousands of years.  Yes! Yes!  Accept it, wonít you, my dears?  Come to know that deep within your hearts and souls that thing that you are, just slightly more feminine or more masculine, is beautifully and perfectly willing, ready and able to perceive that other slight differentiation from yourself, for I say, in the presence of the other wholeness exists.


And yet, I do not contradict myself, for yes, there comes that lovely and grand point wherein each and every one of us comes into the perfect merging and we are then, at that point, the twain: the holy marriage, the sacred communion.  Itís your destiny, my dears.  One day you shall each and every one of you experience it.  For the now, accept sweetly the beautiful body you find yourself in, and know that in the presence of the other gender something very magical is occurring.


Last, but not least, I would simply share with you a few simple insights from my beloved colleague Estelle Roberts.  She stands, if we could use that word at all with her, nearby. And she says to say this, she says, ďOh, wonít you speak to my sisters?Ē  Yes, of course I shall.  ďAnd tell them this, that for the naunce, that is to say for the now, itís so very important that all of the ladies come to feel, and sense, and see in each other a magnificent, beautiful birthing that is going on that needs to be acknowledged first by women, that then the men canít ignore it, and will learn, and watch, and become.


All Hail the Divine Mother as She sweetly, sweetly smiles upon us all.  Look to nature, my dears. Why is She called She?  I say She arises.  You, all of you, men or women shall come to find that it shall be in the She that you find some of your grandest blessings; and in the He that you find some of your deepest friendships."


God Bless you, my dears, God Bless you all.  This very night Holy things portend.  The Lady Master Venus approaches.  Behold!

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