The Psychic Development Course offered by Shastra Luning has been one of the single most enlightening and liberating courses I’ve attended. The techniques demonstrated and practiced in class have enabled me to awaken my senses to deeper understanding of the Divine and how willing They all are to assist in our evolution, if only we ask! Shastra is truly an advanced and enlightened soul with the ability to channel information and guidance from our Heavenly Deities. Her spirit radiates with Their Divine Aura and the words she speaks ring true to my heart. I am eagerly anticipating her next set of classes and the opportunity to be in her presence again.  MM

Thank you so much for the psychic development classes that you offered and for the spiritual leadership & assistance that you provided in the class. I found the whole experience very fulfilling & helpful toward my spiritual growth and the insight that I gained in the class helps me focus on the issues I am currently working through in my life. Thanks again, RA 

I found this class to be healing, as well as bringing awareness to my psychic abilities. Working in a group gives you the ability to measure your skills, plus practices that help to hone your intuitive resources. Shastra makes this exciting, informative and personal. I highly recommend it. Sharon

Shastra Luning’s Psychic Development class was a beautiful reminder that we, indeed, all have intuitive abilities, if we will take the time to be still and listen.  Her experience and lessons allowed our group to bond and expand our skills to heights that helped me further realize how loved and guided each of us is throughout our life’s journey.  BT

Thank you so much, Shastra, for offering such a wonderful psychic development class.  Everything was presented in a clear, easy format; and all participants were assured of almost-certain success. As it happened, each week I would have a moment of doubt that “this time I wouldn’t get anything” - but each week the readings turned out to be accurate when comparing notes with the partner whose energy I was reading.  The classes were very enjoyable, satisfying, and inspiring, and I look forward to whatever other classes you might offer in the future. Namaste, Zulema

I have taken many, many workshops in my lifetime but this is the first workshop I have taken in which I  did not take a single note and that is because what is learned from Shastra goes straight to the heart and stays there to be summoned when needed. Shastra’s workshops also instill confidence in oneself to trust the intuitive messages that are received on a daily basis. In addition, there emanates from Shastra a loving acceptance of everyone and the path they walk. Sincerely, Jenika

Shastra’s class is for those who desire to experience spirituality and power rather than just study it.  Plus meet wonderful people and form quality friendships. The course value is beyond the price asked.  David Nelson

Taking a class from Shastra is an indescribable experience. Although I took her class to learn about psychic development, what I got was so much more than that. In addition to being provided the tools to discover and develop my own psychic abilities, I learned how to meditate, how to ‘commune’ with Spirit, how to work with my guides. I learned about Huna….the way of life, the healing, the magic it is. The ‘hands-on’ sessions provided practical experience and application, and introduced me to some of the most wonderful, intriguing, and exciting experiences I have ever had. In addition, the special camaraderie that develops between all of the class participants, as well as with Shastra herself, is a blessing of its own. Shastra is a very gifted and wonderful teacher. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to take several of her classes, and look forward to many more. Deb

Shastra's psychic development class is fun and flows naturally. What I mean by flowing naturally is that she gives you permission, time and again, to say whatever comes to your mind so that you start feeling free to express yourself; this sets the tone for the warm-up exercise at the beginning of the class which feels more like play. This, in turn , relaxes and prepares you for the exercise later on in the evening. Every week she builds upon the experience, giving participants lots of practice time and thus building their confidence in their abilities and enthusiasm for using their skills. Helen

This class changed my life. Shastra teaches that to know our Self is the most important task we can undertake in life. This not so simple journey, once begun, will change your life. The basic steps of acknowledging that we have inner guidance and then learning how to follow it, which are taught here, are skills that would benefit anyone on the path of self-discovery. By taking this class you will be giving your self a priceless gift that will last a lifetime. Thank you Shastra for all that you do. -Lisa

 You may email  Shastra at sluning@oasisoflight.com

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