Often people ask or wonder, How can I help our earth? How can I make life better here not only for myself, but for others, as well? Im just one person, what can I do? May I give you some food for thought, and even more, perhaps food for action?


In the last few days I have sent out several messages sharing with you how significant these days we now live in are, and how a person can get the most from them. I am now going to ask you to think about not what you can get, but what you can give to life on earth.


One of the main things on our planet that causes so much trouble in all its multitudinous forms is selfishness. There is a way, believe it or not, that you as a soul seeking to do good on earth can give back to humanity at these times when great portals open up from on high.


Today we enter Holy Week (the week prior to Easter) and I encourage you to help our planet and humanity by being more selfless this week. What I am speaking about is making a self-imposed sacrifice. Give up something that you really like, something of your choosing that really delights you. Make the decision that you are going to go without something that you truly like, but for the purpose of contributing to humanity. You do this willingly so that you can help balance out the selfishness on this planet, that selfishness that takes anything it likes simply because it wants to with no consideration of others, or of life itself.


How often does a person ask themselves, Do I really need this? Do I have to have this? Can life be made better if I do without it? How many on earth think in these terms?


In making a self-imposed sacrifice you would give a great gift to humanity. To go without something that you truly like, for the purpose of giving to the pot of mass consciousness is no small thing. Because we are all one, and this is fact not fancy, what one does affects the whole. When one gives a sacrifice, with full conscious intent and purpose, to make life better for the planet and those who inhabit it, this has a powerful affect on the whole. In the bigger picture it goes a long, long way. 


Please understand that you can give this gift to humanity at any time, and I suggest you do often. The key is to do it with purpose and intent. Yet during these times when the veils are thin and contact with Great Forces of Light are at hand, your unselfish deed can go even further. If you really want to give a good gift try this, my friends.


Namaste, Shastra

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