Through the Trance Mediumship of Arthur Hakalani Pacheco
In Honolulu Hawaii, August 1997

Weíve got the body now, and we can begin to speak. Well, first off, I think it is only proper that I might introduce myself to you. I want it understood that I do not work independently, rather that I function as a spokesman for a particular Council of which I am affiliated. Currently, we are attempting to speak through the mediumís vocal cords, as best as we can today, to get our thoughts across more clearly to you.

Very well, yes, yes, your son here, is quite excited about this event and the fact that we can all be here together. (The client having the reading had lost his son as a teenager, many years prior. Now, his son was present, but from the other side of life.) You see, it could almost be reminiscent of the days when the telephone was a bit rare. They had only one or two in any given neighborhood, and people would gather about to communicate with someone at a distance. It was quite a thrill. So it is now, so it is now. But as with that same analogy, so shall it be in the decades soon to transpire that, well, there will be far more mediums you see. Far more people will have regained to their, shall we call it psychic sensitivities, the seeing and the hearing of the spirit realms.

I tell you friend, it was never intended that mankind should be cut off from their spirit family. Thatís been something that has occurred as a result of a certain amount of ignorance, or ignoring the spirit realm. One is too engrossed, you see, in the physical dimension. One neglects oneís reality, which is spirit. One is never quite at home on the earth plane; you canít be really, in that you are spirit, as are we all. You see? So itís rather like a school. One goes to school and at times one forgets, you know, that one is at school and thinks one is at home. Doesnít work like that. All it takes is dying though to bring it all back to you. I tell you, there is no death, there are no dead!

Very well, now, now, let us speak in terms of yourself. When one discusses that thing known as healing, what is it really? Well, I say it is a form of recalling the truth about the individual, to the individual. Tis not true that one is meant to have disease. These things are unnatural. They are brought about through abnormal thought and feeling patterns. Perhaps karmic, you know, situations from before. But the point is that most accept disease and this kind of thing all too willingly. Almost like they had no choice, you know. Oh you know, ďIíve got the cancer,Ē and what not, and they just take it home like itís a little pet puppy. Pity that.

No, no, one should think in terms of radiant health all the time. But more than anything, one should recall that mind over matter is the law of the universe. So, one should at least endeavor to try and work within consciousness, you see, and affect the physical body for the good. It is when they do this, then do they not affect it for the ill.

When one indeed has the illnesses, many people are all too happy to talk about it. Usually they sit about and, you know, discuss their aches and pains. That how the doctor told them this and that, and they will have this for the rest of their lives, and they would sit and live happily with it, you know. One wonders why. This seems rather insane!

But, at any rate, it would be as if oneís house were infested with rats. Well, one doesnít just accept that, you know, you get rid of them. You do what you can. Why, if necessary, one would have to destroy the whole house. You know, burn it down to get rid of the pest and the vermin. You couldnít live happily with rats, and yet some do. And thatís how they live with their illnesses we find. Nonetheless, this too shall pass.

But when it comes to healing and being a healer, what are we speaking about? Weíre referring to that soul, who due to past life development, has reached a stage in their spirit evolution, development, where they have realized the truth, that so-called illnesses and diseases can be rolled back. That by the influx of spirit energy, light if you will, healing light, often accompanied with color, which is simply a  frequency of vibration, and applied steadily, usually it occurs more than once, that one can indeed affect the entire body chemistry, the entire molecular structure of the body.

For instance, the color pink tends to bring an influx of energy. The color yellow will tend to affect the mood for the good. One finds oneself more, shall I say, in a more positive state. The color green, of course, causes an increase in circulation bringing about an opening. Why, look into nature. When you see green you know the plant is alive and doing well. When it goes brown, what then? Itís on its way out. Same with the physical body. So green then becomes obviously one of the major colors in the, shall we call it, the repertoire of the healer. At any rate how does it work?

We have found that the greatest healers are mediums, hands down, thatís all there is to it. That the greatest healers are those who are fully cognizant of the fact that they themselves are but instruments. That they themselves are but those who are fortunate enough to be in touch with spirit forces that heal through them. So when youíve got a healer that would appear to be taking credit for the healing, you are looking at one who either is self-deluded, or at least is deluding others. Itís never the case.

The Great and Holy Master Jesus, Himself, was quoted correctly as saying, ďI of myself can do nothing, but the Father within me doeth the work.Ē Even He, you see, this great healer, raising the dead, healing leprosy, so-called incurables.

Which by the by, brings me to my next point. The fact that the current medical establishment has not seen fit to release the things that could take care of those conditions, does not mean that these things are incurable. When doctorís say, ďThis is incurableĒ, what they really should be saying is, ďwe canít cure it.Ē That is all.

Like a mechanic, you know, who canít fix your automobile. They should be honest and say, ďWe canít do it, you know, we canít, but perhaps someone else can. You know, Iíve heard this mechanic down the street is quite good.Ē Theyíll not do that though, will they? No! No! Itís a money game with them. You must know that the cancer industry is the same, a billion dollar industry. The things that we see, I tell you, would cause angels to cry. Yes!

At any rate, so the healer is not affiliated, of course, with the medical establishment, and usually scorned by them, unfortunately, for the very same reason, that they, the healer, can do things they often canít. The healer will always have to adopt, shall I say, a frame of mind or consciousness with God anything can be healed, for God is pure spirit. That this healing is not in the hands of men. It has been taken out of the hands of the Divine, and there all things are possible.

What you do friend as the healer, you see, you take the condition, whatever it might be, and in your consciousness, it would be as if you raised it out of the human realm (where things are, you know, likely or unlikely, possible or impossible, or so they appear) into the higher dimension. This is all done in your consciousness. But that becomes the bridge, you see, between the worlds. Thatís what the healerís value is. That the healer knows good and well that the spirit forces can heal anything.

No such thing as an incurable disease, itís nonsense, poppycock. That is manís belief, slow and dull that it is. Thatís manís belief. These are manís hand held inventions, little planes that canít fly. Then again his teachers are the medical doctors, who are too puffed up with their own arrogance Iím afraid.

If they canít heal it, it canít be healed. Nonsense, thatís blasphemy. I say itís good to keep an open mind.

One thing youíll always want to get the patient to do is reprogram their own thinking amidst these very things. And make sure they get plenty of oxygen. Thereís not enough oxygen in most peopleís bodies, we find. Look at the old Hindu Yogis of India. These holy men lived well past a hundred years. Why? Because they breathed, yeah, they breathed, they breathed deeply. One should use those lungs to draw in the oxygen and to do it regularly. Oxygen itself, when its level is raised in the blood stream, immediately begins to bring about healing in various and subtle ways. So the patient should always be primed and prompted into the science of breathing, the breath. Breath is life. You note people can go without food for long periods of time. They can even go without water for a few days, but oxygen, not at all. Minutes and theyíre gone. So, let us look to that very important factor, oxygen.

The next thing is that the patient, of course, has got to engage in the process themselves. Theyíve got to see things as they shall be. In other words, their mindset must be moved from point A, which is acceptance of their condition, to point B where it no longer exists, where they are absolutely free of it. A reasonable amount of time can be added, not to say that healing canít occur, you know, spontaneously.  It certainly can, and one should allow for that constantly. But Iím saying that in most cases, due to karmic situations, andÖÖ(side one of the tape ends here)

In your situation, what I think is for you to begin to accept your healing role, if you will. You need not worry of it, no, not at all, thereís a time. There will be times when these things do initiate themselves. Man doesnít just jump up and say, ďI shall be a healer, you know, and Iím about to begin my healing.Ē Tisnít like that. Thatís arrogance. Thatís his ego speaking. No, no, one rather approaches humbly to the Great Throne of God. Rather in a state ofÖÖ..

"Lord here I am. I am your instrument. I am willing and happy so to be. I am privileged. Open my eyes spiritually. Open my inner ears and my heart. Let me see clearly the inner realms that I can understand more clearly Thy Sacred Presence. And then when thou willeth Lord, poureth through me. Anoint me as David was anointed with sacred oil, and from that point forward he was able to slay giant Goliath. Anoint me with your sacred sight and healing, and when it please thee, you do let me know, and I will extend my hands and do what I can to be your hands and feet on the earth plane."                                  

This is rather the prayer of a healer, you see? Itís rather an acceptance of that, the joyous acceptance and awaiting on the Lord, so to speak. So one does not become anxious about it. You know, ďWell, you know, Iím not healing yet, but when should it begin, at 2:00 oíclock?Ē Canít do that. I say friend, that yay, indeed it is in your destiny so to do, and you shall do it in a very lovely way. There will be a lady who will help with this. One youíve not met, not to worry of that.

Youíll find that in the year 1998, as your calendar year will show, there will be meetings of appropriate ones; various people in the so-called spiritualist community, I think. I dare say, I see you attending a service or two, it looks like. Youíll see messages being given. Perhaps itís a good thing that you do go once in awhile, the reason being that youíll witness spirit working through these people. For one needs to take this in, as they say. One needs to observe it, again and again, until it becomes rather natural and a common place. Oh I know, youíve been around, and to some degree, but I say to witness it more and more at your leisure, if you like, will simply reinforce what you yourself are moving into and towards.

Oh, by the by, returning to other practical earth matters, for I find that another one here wants to prevail upon me to do this. I will say this to you, that along with the weekly meditation that was suggested earlier, which was my suggestion mind you, that you add to that the construct, and youíre quite good at that I know. The construct, something you build up in your mind of this. Create for yourself, my friend, a thought form. Now a thought form is simply a form that is actually created in the thought realm, when one consistently holds the same thought. A thought form, this thought form would be one that is highly charged with magnetism. And what is it you are magnetizing? MoneyÖ.yeah money! Become more and more a money magnet. Yeah!

I know there is so much misunderstanding concerning these things, you know, especially when one speaks about the so-called spiritual. Well, you are a spirit, so everything you do is spiritual. You canít do a thing that isnít spiritual, by definition. Why even if you kill a person itís spiritual, itís a spiritual act, believe it or not. How? For you are one spirit depriving another spirit of the privilege of learning through the physical body. Thatís what that is. Call it murder. Point is itís a spiritual act. Do you see what Iím saying? People are rather quick at telling you what is spiritual and what isnít. I defy anyone to tell me what isnít spiritual. You canít get out of it. Itís all spirit.

At any rate, when one chooses to incarnate, which all do or they do not incarnate, when one chooses to incarnate in flesh they simultaneously choose to deal with money. On yes, it just goes right with the package. Itís like choosing to deal with the physical body. Youíve got to feed it, youíve got to clothe it, and youíve got to keep it reasonably clean. All of these things, itís a choice, itís a decision. The problem is that this is not recalled.

So when one enters the physical plane, one tends to take on the belief systems of ones parents or ones culture. Most people not knowing this, resent  the responsibility, they do. They resent having to make money, having to use it. And so thereís a negative charge you see attached to the whole thing. And one just takes it on like one takes on ones surname. Just goes right along with everything else. But one can divest ones self of this. One should, I think, start saying, ďWait a minute. I chose to be down here. I chose to deal with money, and why donít I just get good at it?Ē You know, rather than resenting it.

So how do I get good at it? I welcome it with open arms, with an open heart, with an open mind. I go further than thisÖÖ..I magnetize it unto myself. Oh yes, I am a money magnet, I am working 24 hours a day, and constantly drawing unto myself opportunities to make money. Money itselfÖ..and also, in the form of property, deeds, land, jewels.  Anything and everything that is of value on the earth plane, I am a magnet for.

Thatís a definite feeling, you see, one must engender in oneís own aura. Itís the magnetic current that draws money to you. Might seem very simple, but I tell you it is profound. One should give it deep thought and contemplation. Nay, one should work at it steadily.

At any rate, and then you get to the point where people say, ďOh, I only need a little bit, you know, just a bit, just a wee bit, I donít need much.Ē Thatís nonsense. You need all the money you can get your hands on. Why? Because what doesnít go to just sustain you, you know, on the day to day, month to month, you can do good with. You have it in your heart to do good friend, you know that. So, if you had large amounts of money, you know, than you could do large amounts of good, and you would, and you shall!

Iím reading to you that which is written, and that which is written has now been read. Your destiny stands before you. So I say, why not embrace it? Love it with all your heart. See the beauty in it, and

that your lovely son shall be working at your side, as well. His hands on yours, and together the two of you doing the healing work that the good Lord would have you do. Beautiful, itís a beautiful vision. And one that one should cherish, should magnetize, should draw in, should accept. Itís all you need to do really, and then when the appropriate time comes ďpopĒ its right there in your lap. It begins to happen spontaneously. You donít have to worry how. These things are all arranged.

I call upon the engineer within you to come forward. I call upon the great architect that youíve been in ancient Egypt. I call upon the great healer that you have been as a close student of Apollonius of Tyanna. I call upon your soul memory to arise and awaken that soon or late you will recall your days working with Hippocrates. And I call upon the lovely memory that you still hold in the depths of your soul, those days when you watched the Master Jesus perform healings right before your eyes, and how you were so thrilled and inspired. And how upon one lovely afternoon He gently looked at you and saidÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ

"You would do that which I do, extend your hands in healing." And you  said, "Yea Lord." He said, "so shall it be." And the sweetest smiled crossed His face and He said, "Father, we have another one, another sweet heart that would heal the world." And He put His hands on your shoulders, looked deep into your eyes and said, "The future shall be the witness to the healer that you are now." And a very interesting charge was rendered unto you and He went away. You did not see Him again, ever.

But all of these things are part of your soul history, my friend, and they all contribute to make you the person that you are and that you shall be. Quite natural really, when one sees it correctly. So watch and see as you go forth and your interest and curiosity guide you. Youíll be drawn to various events, places, people. Oh, and check carefully this thing, that there will be times when you feel you are not learning a whole lot from those that are speaking, supposedly in the know. That is quite true. When you sense it, you simply, politely, you know, you either sit through it or leave, whichever is proper. The point is not to worry. Donít think that youíre, shall we say, your ego is getting in the way. That is not your problem. When you are sensing that you are not learning much, chances are you are not. Youíll know when you are. Itís very simple.

Very good friend, very well. Well look here, I canít stay, but I did want to pop in and to share these things with you. Think on these things, and itís when we accept something that itís going to bring it unto you. It is accepting this thing as part and parcel of your destiny.

As to things personal, the power of your mind, largely untapped, needs to be focused now. Begin to use it as a laser. Visualize quite clearly what you want quickly to claim, and know that in doing so, you are literally creating it in the inner realm, from which point it must drop then into the physical dimension. When it is strong enough and dense enough, when its got enough fly force thatís been generated into it. Thatís completely up to you.

So, I leave you to your destiny and to lovely surprises that await you when you return to your homeland. Till another time, I leave you in peace.

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