Very well, my dear – at last I’ve got the medium where I want him, which is out of the way.  Fortunately for all of us, the old boy is happy to do it.  He quickly and easily exits the body, after all this time, you know, (Arthur has been a trance medium since 1986) and that is so that I can then take control of his vehicle…which, of course facilitates my work.


Opening up psychically

May I say that a lot of what I shall be discussing today has got to do with your own psychic senses, and the fact that within a short two to three years – and though that might seem like an eternity to you, it really shall pass rather quickly – you will find that the clock has struck twelve, so to speak, in the sense that there is a very clearly and well-understood appointed time for each soul to develop their own spirituality – their own psychic abilities if, in fact, that is what is to be for that life…for in some lifetimes, it simply is not.  That’s not quite what is on the agenda.  


Finished with mothering karma

For instance, not that many lifetimes back, you had one life where you thought you would finish up all of your mothering karma.  And you were like the Old Lady in the Shoe, you had so many children – 14, all together.  You began young, of course, as was the fashion in those days.  And you had three different husbands.  So betwixt the four of you, you raised the population of the earth.  Fourteen - meaning the number of souls that you traded bodies for – that then came and happily took those bodies through you and then went on their ways.


And after that life there has only been one intervening and then this current one. Motherhood has not really been a big issue for you.  You might say, you’ve been there, and done that.  So it’s not like something that you yet need to do – your soul’s got no need of the lessons that one tends to learn whilst one is learning about being a mother, which is a very lovely and very specific framework of learning that every soul must pass through, at least in this schoolroom of Earth.


And so, in a sense, you’ve done all that.  And you’ve done other things too.  You have completed lessons that have to do with the physical body itself. 


Finished up with Lessons of the physical body

Oh, I know that what I am about to say shall be rather difficult to believe; but I tell you that from all that we can see, that in the inner records, it’s quite clear to us that you have come to the point of having physical mastery.  That is to say, you’ve had lifetimes in which you have completely mastered your physical body, got it to do precisely what you wanted it to do; it served you well, and you’ve had three different lives of that genre, which, of course, has created the condition that you now enjoy, where your body is not something that you are forced to spend a lot of time taking care of.  Just the usual; you know, of course, there is a certain amount of care that one must give their physical form.


I see it rather like a horse that one might ride, you know.  It’s a part of your life – very much so - and yet it isn’t really you; though it’s very well suited to you, and very close to you, and even could have similar idiosyncrasies and things of that nature – but it isn’t you.  It’s but your vehicle.  It’s the way you get from point A to point B, and necessary in the physical dimension, where all need a physical body of some sort. So, let us just say that the one you have chosen  this lifetime is not meant for athletic things, though, as you know, you’ve had it in fairly good shape, where you could move it about quickly and easily, and pretty much it did what you wanted it to do.


The mate who will come

That again shall be your happy fate in about a decade of your Earth time, when many different things have shifted and changed. I must refer here to one of the prophecies that your sweet father made about your meeting a mate. This man will be very much in touch and in tune with his physical body, keeping it healthy and strong and, little by little, he will show you how to do the same, but not in ways that are taxing.  We are not speaking of that. We are speaking of fun, fun things. 


For instance, one thing I can tell you about this chap that has not been said so far is that he has made the trouble and time to get himself a pilot’s license.  He owns a small plane, and it shall be your delight to fly with him to various places – many.  And simply because he is a pilot, he has, of course, had occasion – opportunity – to go to many places that most people don’t even know about, much less are able to access. And yet he is, owing to his, um, pilotship, I suppose we could say, if that is a word – if not, I’ve just coined it – pilotship.  Let’s have Oxford Dictionary add it to there queue.


So anyway, the point is that what I’m trying to relate to you is that with him you will experience the joys of the physical dimension, in almost every way, save in the bearing of children.  And that is simply because neither one of you shall feel the need.  On the contrary, you will both feel that far too many children are brought into this world very irresponsibly, without providing for them at all.  And you both shall feel more and more, the longer you speak about it that it’s quite a crime to do that.  You rather they not be brought into this world than to be brought into sordid conditions.  And you will both be of one mind, as you will be on many things.  So, no, you won’t be interested so much in having children of your own, that is to say – not in the usual biological route.


But you will acquire children and people who shall be like children unto you, as you provide for them, take care of them, guide them, instruct them, teach them, and make their lives easy - so that they can take it from there and branch out.  And that will be your joy, to be able to take a life that is appearing to be defeated; perhaps broken.  It could be anybody – man, woman, or child, who is destitute, possibly homeless – possibly having some illness that is ravaging their body and they’ve got not the wherewithal to pay for their proper medical conditions that will help them, so they are just wasting away.  Many cases like that, that would appear to be helpless or hopeless – you and your husband, who, for the moment I shall simply call “Hero”, if you don’t mind – and you and Hero will then become, you might say, beneficiaries of many, many people, as you move forward and grow in your philanthropy.


Establishing an organization something like the Red Cross

And yes, you shall establish a, I suppose I’ll call it an organization that will become very, very well known – a bit like the Red Cross is today, being the one that facilitates blood donorship and distribution, where it’s most needed. That began, you know, with a nurse in the 1800’s, I believe; and she simply began to see the need for blood and did a lot to organize it, so that it now is, as you see, available, where it’s most needed, at least usually.


So also with you two – your hearts, when they come together, will form like one big, huge heart that will then become a safe haven for many of your brothers and sisters who are not as fortunate as you.  And you will be like the elder brothers and sisters in a family, taking care of the younger ones when the parents are gone or dead, even.

And so it shall be, indeed, like one big, happy family, and you’ll have many, many, many children or people who will call you mother or ma or mama or something like that – and others, who will simply refer to you by your given name. But in any case, that organization shall grow and grow, similar to the Red Cross – becoming very well known internationally, and you’ll have no lack of donors. 


Philanthropy will grow on the planet

For one thing I want to point out before we go any further that might alleviate some of your doubt and it is this, that as the times progress – weeks going into months going into years, and the years accumulating – people’s attitudes are going to be changing quite a bit, they already are.  But more and more, and with the help of the media, which at times has not been so good at helping; but it will be better, as it reports more and more of the more positive aspects of people and how people are helping other people. 


So as that becomes more and more the thing to do and more fashionable and more socially acceptable and not something that people who are just called “do gooders” do, it will be seen like the most decent thing to do with one’s excess energy and money.  And so, philanthropists shall abound.  Why, that will be one thing that makes this world just a better place.


There will be far more people far more conscious about the plight of their brethren and doing what it takes to help everybody.  This is true planetary progression – the whole planet progresses once people realize the very, very simple lesson that is obvious to children, which is that whatever is here, is for the use of all of us – it’s not “mine alone, and you can’t have any.”  Everything is shared; everything is distributed correctly.


The year 2050 perfect balance is achieved on the planet

And when that is achieved and the year of that in perfect balance, I suppose, that we know of is the year 2050.  Right around then, you will all begin to get a glimpse of, well indeed, what you’ve been working on – or towards – all this time, whether you knew it or not, and that was simply a world – a planet, where all the resources that are provided shall be evenly distributed; and then, of course, it’ll be obvious that there is plenty for everyone. There will be no need for hunger or homelessness or any lack of any type.  That isn’t God’s plan. 


The divine parents that we have in common have provided enough of everything for everybody.  But they’ve distributed it in such a way that the lessons inherent in life on Earth are those of sharing what we’ve got in abundance with those who’ve got less.  And, in turn, those who’ve got abundantly what we need will then find ways of getting it to us.  So all that will become a very beautiful, beautiful dream and will transform the planet Earth into, well, more of a paradise by the year 2050.


Granted, that’s a good 40-some years off.  Still, it shall be – and many of you will live to see it.  For instance, you shall, though you would think not, for you see, by then it will appear that you would be – well, I suppose, a hundred years old or so, perhaps more. 


No matter, for the life span of people in general shall be lengthening more than it used to be.  There were times on this planet when it was common for people to live 120 to 150 years – it was a common life span.  And then, by mismanagement and abuse and things – ignorance, basically – people’s life spans have whittled down to what it is now.  Fortunately, it’s gone as far backwards as it’s going to go; and now it’s progressing the other way. 


Mind over matter will become very obvious & creative, especially with the physical body

Umm - one more thing about health matters – it will become more and more obvious that mind over matter, being a law of the universe, will especially be impactful when it comes to the physical body.  Mind over matter, it is a Law of the Universe.  Mind molds matter. Whatever mind thinks about matter IS what matter shall do or be – or become, at least.


So, in other words, things like, let us say in your case, you own concern about the smoking that you do.  You will find that in months to come, this will come soon – you will discover or be exposed to certain – well, I suppose I shall have to call secrets now, at this point…but which are simply little-known facts about what one can do to affect the physical body if one chooses to smoke tobacco or any substance.  In other words, there are definite steps one can take to ameliorate the negative effects, so it doesn’t have to be as it is now in the belief of most people that if they smoke they shall suffer or something like that.  Not so.  Why humanity will come to see that the New Age that we enter is a time of just greater options.


The wealthy in our world 

You’ll note that the truly wealthy in your world are not wealthy because they went to school so many years or in such a place.  It matters not – very little.  When such people, very, very wealthy people have been interviewed, which they actually rarely allow – but when it has occurred – and they ask them how is it that they’ve gotten so much money, they will rarely say, “Oh, it’s because of my education” – for they know it isn’t true.  Though the culture of college education is something I should think more important than what it truly is. And many a great artist, many a great poet, many a great humanitarian has been ridiculed because they were not indicating that they could become the robots that they have been encouraged to be.  Just as you have done this.  Unfortunately, the society you live in has forced you all to pay a price for your freedom, and your freedom of thoughts and expressions.


Our next president

And yet those days are soon going to be reversed, very soon – very, very soon, as we count time.  We know that for you it’s tedious, but we would say that in a five-year cycle of time this planet of yours shall have done somersaults, as the different governments are infiltrated by the Children of Light.  That will occur.


You will find in your own government of this country that the next person who sits in the seat of the president shall be someone of Light – someone who is not interested in the greed and the corruption that former presidents seem to have all been, since of course, Mr. Kennedy. From our point of view, he was the last president you had that was not only honest but truly revolutionary, as far as the things that he was seeking to produce.  Indeed, it was because he resisted things that the military was trying to do, that he was marked for death.  And I’m sure you know it wasn’t Mr. Oswald that killed him, but others far more intimately connected to your government.  But of that we’ll speak another time, yet.


Feelings are important to create what you want

Immediately, though, I say I come to bring something like a Band-aid measure.  And again, it brings us back to the basics of listing and visualizing, listing and visualizing – the very basics of creation.  And the very last thing I shall say is part of that exercise of learning how to receive is via the feeling nature.


You can feel things very deeply.  You know this.  Now, unfortunately, when the feelings are going in the so-called negative directions, well, of course, they can create a lot of problems, simply because intense feelings do create situations and circumstances in physical life.


Now we simply say it is time to take those same intense feelings and turn them into feelings of enjoying what it is that you are in the process of creating.  So the last thing you would do, of course, as you perfect the science of acceptance – it will be simply by feeling, or you might almost say pretending what it shall be like to have these things and imagine that you’ve got them.  And then you are giving your subconscious mind the correct pattern to follow, and then it knows what to do.


None of us can, in a sense, transcend these laws that are already set in motion.


And so I come bearing this very simple gift.  Yet, I come not ashamed, for I know that it is a potent one; and from all that I can see, and of my dear friend, beloved Estelle Roberts, who works with me closely, we can see that it may just be the thing that you need the most – anything else being a bit more roundabout – not the most direct way to get anywhere.


So, my friend, if you are ready, willing, and able – I know you’re able – if you are ready and willing to set aside those two hours – and you can begin whenever you like, perhaps begin in the next full moon, or even the next new moon – it matters not to us.


New moons are very good too, for that is a time when seeds are planted.  So perhaps you will do that and the next new moon will come – oh, I should think within a week or so.  Most calendars will tell you that. It’s a time when there is no moon to be seen in the sky - when the moon is in the same sign as the sun, versus the full moon, which is when the moon is in the opposite sign, and that it’s on the other side of the world, and the planet thus it gets the full light of the sun, even whilst the sun appears to be gone, creating the illusion known as the full moon. It is a time, though, of great fulfillment; and usually many things come to pass, or come to fruition at the time of the full moon.  It is a time of harvesting what’s been planted or begun at the time of the new moon.


So I say all these things because I know that you can grasp them and that you are the type of person who is practical and yet an experimenter.  You are someone who, from what all I can tell by looking at your consciousness, can take suggestions like these and put them to use, and will watch how they continue to produce results for you. And then, of course, you’ll continue literally for the rest of your life. 


You’ll get so good at it that there will come a point – and I’m not too far fetched in predicting this, assuming you’ll do these things and get good at them, which you certainly can – I would even say the probability is that you shall. Accepting this then, we know that by continuing this wonderful, exquisite exercise in creation that you’ll get quite good at it – you’ll get quite proficient at it.  And before too many years pass over your head – let us say ten, a decade.  Oh, it sounds like a long time, I know; but it passes quickly.


And when it has passed, assuming you have been doing your homework, you shall find yourself one of those people who can produce pretty much anything at will.  All you’ve got to do is put your attention upon it, focus on it, want it; and then you’ll learn how to feel like you’ve already got it.  And you set the wheels in motion and that becomes then the full gathered momentum you shall have for that exercise at that time. Why you’ll be known as one of those who can do this pretty much at will – some things shall be at will, they will appear immediately. Almost as soon as you want them, they’ll certainly be there.


So to others you shall look like a fairly magical being.  They’ll even ask you to get things for them.  And what you’ll do instead is you’ll show them how to do this for themselves, which will fulfill the injunction that if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.


Now, I am about to take my leave; but before I go I should want to pause and hear if there are any comments or any questions about anything I’ve said or even things I’ve not said. But anything at all, my dear, I should love to hear from you before we take my leave.


(The client and Sir Arthur exchanged questions and answers here. Here he suggested that she invoke the help of Those who are grander than we.)


SA:   But there will be more help forthcoming, my dear.  It also helps a lot if you ask Those who are grander than we.  We are Their servants.  So I should suggest then, that you in turn – tune in to someone in spirit – some Great Being, whom you feel a love for and a devotion to.  I am obviously referring to one of the Masters.


And begin to speak to Them – begin to ask Them – and begin to invoke from Them the guidance that you need.  And that, together with what we’ve left you, we think will turn things about.  Easily by the equinox, which is to come in approximately two weeks or so, we think; and you will at least be feeling a release.


These things that we have shared with you, my dear, are the traditional ways of producing magic – real magic, which is the ability to produce change at will.  And we don’t want you to think it above you or beyond you in any way.


The difficulty seems to be, in most people’s case, actually in getting them to begin it – to get them to try it, for the tendency is to say, “Oh, I’ve already heard that.”  Yea, they may have heard it; but they’ve not attempted it.


It would be like one seeing a person in a race and saying, “Oh, I could never be like that, I could never run that fast.”  Not if you think like that, you can’t – not if you speak like that, you can’t.  But it can be done, and that’s the trick of it, if there be one, is getting the person to truly begin to do something that is different than what they are doing, which is what got them where they are.


The journey of a thousand steps begins with one

The Lord Buddha, the great Buddha, once said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, followed by the next, and the next, and the next.


So you might say one must begin somewhere, and from all that I can see, we shall see to it that the medium gets this tape to you as quickly as possible.  And when you receive it and you hear it again, you will be able to jot down the specifics about it, and then hopefully, you will feel empowered again to begin the work that unfortunately we cannot do for you, but you can certainly do for yourself. 


And before long, by another Cosmic Law, once it is seen that you are doing these things that have been suggested, automatically come Those who are compassionate – They see how much you need and therefore that you are working for it and They come and give assistance. And just as you might help a paperboy or someone who was trying to earn money in a way that is rather humble, you might give him a little more than what he needs.  I know you’ve done things like that, to help people about you. (This analogy gives you an idea of how Greater Ones come to help those who are helping themselves.) Even so, those things, these actions on your part have been noted, and they remain in the great book of your life.  Even so, as you begin to truly put forth effort along the very lines we’ve said – then you yourself begin to reap.  And then as Others see you, and from the height of Their attainment They begin to send you blessings.


This is not a pipe dream at all.  This is reality – it’s the truth, as we know it.  And the only thing that keeps us from it, and from the full fruit of its flower, is the doing of the work.


So I think there was once a song or something that was published that said something about, “I never promised you a rose garden.”  And true, when we enter that life that’s rarely a rose garden that we are promised, it’s usually something far less and far more difficult to navigate.


But of course, even as the sentimentalist said, “The Lord does not give people more than they can handle.”  Quite so.  We would rephrase it and say, “We do not take on burdens or karmic lessens or obligations that are greater than what we can bear, lest we live a life that is counter-productive and shoot ourselves in the foot.  We don’t do that, and neither do you.”


God bless you my dear, I’ve got to take my leave now.  I don’t want to tax the old boy’s energies more than we already have.  He’s a patient kind of a horse – he sits about and waits until we don’t need him any more, then he goes on his way and does his own work.


So we take our leave now and, by the bye, I bring you the greetings of my friend Estelle Roberts who also knows of you and your ways. She said that when you see the medium physically she shall be there to greet you personally.


Client:  That’s very nice – you’re very kind.  Thank you.  Thank you so much, Sir Arthur.


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