Message by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

To a substance abuse client

February 4, 2003


Weíve got the body now and we thus can begin to speak.  Well, well my dear, well I think it only proper that I might introduce myself to you.  I function primarily as a spokesman for a particular council of which I am affiliated.  Currently we are attempting to speak through the mediumís vocal cords as best as we can to get our thoughts across more clearly to you.  And so we shall beginÖ


Well, I did express the sentiment to the medium and through the medium to you, that I do indeed respect your conscientiousness in this matter of the so-called monkey on the back. Nonetheless, thatís quite a descriptive phrase, for thatís precisely what is looks like at times.  Itís like a little monkey, sometimes a big monkey, a gorilla, depending on the nature of the addiction.


This is what we are telling you my dear and it is this, neither we nor anyone in cosmos has the right, nor should you allow it, to tell you what to do with you body, for this reason:  That everyoneís physical body is their own laboratory. Youíve got to experiment in that laboratory.  Whatís good for you might not be good for the one next to you.  Why you might be in this life to specifically have experiences that would be, shall we say, brought on by various substances that you might feel inclined to take.


There is what they call the path of the shaman.  Shamanism is that path where one seeks mystical states by ingesting all manner of substances, things that would alter your state of consciousness. Whether these be mushrooms, you know, whether they be something more chemical, such as LSD, it doesnít matter. The point is, each soul will have its own brevet, its own pact, its own way of progressing, and thatís why itís always so dangerous to try and tell others what to do, or what not to do for that matter. Yet it was a good point we thought to bring to your attention. So please take this into consideration. 


This may shock you my dear what I am about to tell you, but look here, not your last life but the one right before that, you were a nun of the Roman Catholic order in Europe, and a purer soul could not be found.  In your last life you didnít partake a whole lot of the world either, though you were not a nun.  So in this life, just to balance it out, you thought, ďYou know what, Iím going to come in here and have a little of everything.Ē  Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (Sir Arthur laughs heartily.)  You see?  And thatís precisely why you need to experience that.  So you see how wrong it would be for someone to come along and say, ďOh look here, you shouldnít do that,Ē and ďthatís a sin,Ē or ďthatís going to do this,Ē or ďthatís going to harm you.Ē


Like your letter did say very well, it was in some ways a victimless crime, if a crime it be at all.  We donít ever look at it that way. Itís all experience my dear, all experience.  That is why itís so important to get away from this so-called right and wrong, good and bad concepts, for with these, people have harmed each other immeasurably.  Itís using somebodyís idea of whatís right and whatís wrong as a club.  They go about clubbing people on the head you know, trying to make them feel small.  Not a good idea.


Thatís why it is good to have a good strong self-image, a lot of self-confidence.  And let it be the kind that says, ďI AM a child of God, I will ALWAYS be a child of God, nothing can change that.  No matter what I drink or donít drink, smoke or donít smoke, snort or donít snort, whatever.Ē  All that doesnít matter. There is the body, you see? If I have sex or if I donít have sex, or with whom, no matter what color, no matter what sex, no matter what age.  All these things are private choices that each soul is free and privileged to make. Why the gift of free will is the next most precious gift to the gift of life itself. 


 So you see how important it is to protect that, each one for themselves, and certainly not allow someone else to come in and tell you how to live.  Itís not valid, not valid at all. For theyíre only trying to get you to live by their rules, and what they have found works for them.  Irrelevant for anyone else but them.  So this is the importance of this you see.  So please, try your best and step out from under the cloud of guilt, and realize that anything you do, you still do in the fullness of Godís love.  God never stops loving you no matter what you do or donít do, and thatís absolutely the truth.  Therefore, on the earth, as long as youíre on the earth, let that be the rule the Golden Rule by which you live.


Now when the day comes that you have chosen to leave your physical body in the change called death, and you repair to the spirit world again, if you still have the cravings for things like alcohol or whatever, because you are who you are, you would not be the type to obsess somebody on earth and become, as you say, a monkey on their back.  For this simple reason, that when one does that, one does that deliberately and with the intention of controlling that person. You have no such desire. 


In other words, though the desire to experience some feeling or sensation, whether it be sensual or whether it be having to do with alcohol or whatever it might be, might still be there, you will be in control enough of it that you will not allow yourself to suddenly be drawn down to some bar or something where you are causing somebody to drink perhaps more than they would normally, which is what these beings do.


In other words, the same way youíve got the power right now, the self-control right now, you may like to drink, fine, so what, but you know good and well that simply because you like to drink youíre not going to go into a bar or something and hold a gun to someoneís head and say, ďNow look, I want you to drink a lot more so I can sit here and enjoy it with you.Ē  Youíd never do that.  Same way once youíre in the spirit realm.  You wouldnít do that.  Furthermore, you can ask for help of a certain type once you get over here, and itís immediately given.


So you need not worry about that my dear.  Itís those that donít care, but they are the very ones that didnít care when they were on earth either.  They didnít care if they hurt anybody.  They just thought about themselves.  Those are the ones that become the monkeys, for they are selfish in the extreme. All they can think about is what they want, and they donít really care how they get it.  They are the ones that will steal, that will  hurt people, that will do anything to get what they want.  They are ultimately very selfish souls, and the reason theyíre selfish is because they are very young souls, theyíre babies in the spirit. 


Not all souls are the same age, which accounts for the various ways that people act.  People who act very beautifully and always nice, and you know try to help and are not selfish, and humble, generally youíre looking at an old soul.  A soul thatís been around a long time.  Just like in a family, the children that are misbehaved are often the youngest, and then it goes down to the youngest ones who are just little toddlers.  Same with the spirit.  So keep that in your memory my dear, please, for your own peace of mind and comfort. There is nothing thatís going to force you to, you know, suddenly leach onto somebody and start taking their juice. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (Sir Arthur laughs heartily.)


Client:  Thank you.


It will not occur.  And itís very good that you asked about it, and again the very thought that you did ask, the very conscientiousness that prompted the question is ample proof that you would never ever do that.


Client:  Thank you.


Itís like, to give you one more analogy, why not just drive it in all the way.  Why not say this, let us say you really liked chocolate, oh you just loved it.  And then one day youíre sitting down a the shopping mall, you know, taking a little breath, and all of a sudden a child goes by with a chocolate candy in their hand.  Now you know good and well youíre not going to run over, grab the child and take the chocolate out of their hand. (Ha! Ha! Ha!) You may like chocolate. You donít like it that much. (Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!) Youíre not insane about it.  Same thing. The ones that do that, they know what they are doing, and they know itís not a good idea and they just donít care.  They are the same ones that would take the chocolate from a child. Thatís how sick they are.  So when they are in the spirit they do sick things like that, you see?  As above, so below.  So I thought I would drop in and explain that to you.


Client:  Thank you so much.


Certainly.  Now thereís one more thing though Iíd like to cover, though its got nothing to do with that.  Let us fast-forward in time to this coming summer tide, approximately the June, July, August area of your earthly calendar.  This will be a time of deep and great transformation for you.  Whatís going to happen, no oneís told you about it yet, you will be dealing with certain planetary energies, meaning energies that come from another planet to this one, specifically the planet Pluto, whose rays are specifically designed to transform anything and everything they touch.  So Plutoís rays will be right over your head, transforming you totally, changing you totally, from the inside out.


So when the summer tide is over youíll be a very different lady, very different indeed, for the better.  And you will have your psychic senses sharply enhanced or improved.  You will be able to know with a certainty that you are communicating with people who you canít see all the time, and that your dear friends, some of the ones that youíve lost already, will be some of your closest and most constant companions thereafter, for they can be. Theyíll know that you can see and hear them, so theyíll stick around.  So just know that this coming summer itíll be a great psychical opening for you that will last the rest of your life.  Youíll enjoy it and it will stay that way.


Client:   Thank you.


Oh yes, and well itís not a gift Iím giving you my dear, but only to tell you about it gives me great pleasure, for I know itís coming. It wonít be with, you know, bells and whistles as they say, it will happen gradually and subtly, but happen it will. Your views on many things will change.  Youíll find yourself much more interested than ever in things of the spirit, and youíll want to see how anything is done, only if it is done spiritually.  And when I say spiritually, I donít mean something in a church, I mean of the spirit, of the soul, of the heart itself, the most natural thing you can do or be. You will find that your fortunes will be growing, and next year the year two thousand and four, youíll get an opportunity to change your whole life for the good and you will take it.


So many things coming your way my dear, all of them fairly good, and one or two might be a little bit shaky, a little scary, but only because itís new.  Once you get accustomed to it, it wonít be scary at all.


Well, well, I canít stay, but that was what we came to say to you and now weíve said it.


Client:  Thank you so much.


God Bless you. You are quite welcome.


Client:  God Bless you.


God Bless you.


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