Estelle Roberts at Tea Number 1
August 11, 1998

Through the Mediumship of

Arthur Hakalani Pacheco


Gracious ladies and kind gentlemen, what we do this night is broadcast in ways closely paralleling your own television sets.  Those that accompany me this evening are many.  Some of your own dearest souls are here with us tonight. Many are here that have not been here before, but have now been invited.  I am not only speaking of those of this planet. With great joy I am able to tell you all that we are hosts and hostesses tonight to those that have come yet from other systems of worlds, in that their grand scheme closely interfaces with our own.  These are things I myself have only recently come to know, my dear ones.  How wondrous then is this grand, grand plan!


Do not think that the earth, terra, is the only planet that has gone through such convolutions  as the rising and falling of the gender.  I tell you there are Beings with us this evening that you might call feminine in nature, who have also known something of suppressions on their home planets.  This (suppression) goes well beyond your solar system, my dear friends, and like a magnet it draws its own.


Women have been made to feel isolated.  Women, by nature, have a sense that they are self-contained units, and are in a way a bit distinct from the masculine temperament.  This is precisely why men seem to work better in teams.  Women not all the time, save for a lofty purpose. 


The woman then becomes the womb of creation, regardless of whether her offspring are physical or not.  Women are those who can cause grand schemes to be born.  And though the man might seem like the instigating element, which he often is, it is often she or they (a group of women),  who eventually cause it all to happen.


You know something of astrology.  Man then corresponds to the planet mars, doesnít he?  Those knowing something of the Martian temperament know it is that which begins things.  Yes, which instigates, which impregnates, but not always that which remains to see that the seed comes to fruition.  That is womanís job, and her privilege. 


What if I told you that the very Universe of sight and sound, as you know it, could not, would not exist if it were not for the Divine Mother?  What if I told you that the Divine Father is pure idea, constantly begetting idea after idea?  But that matter, Mother, is the only thing that causes those ideas to become what any might call reality.  Would you appreciate woman a bit more then?


And yet and yet, without those ideas, without that seed, what is She to do?  How can She raise a family that has not been planted?  Shall She twiddle Her thumbs eternally?  I say it is the twain my dears, the twain.  And thus I come not to trumpet woman as above man, any more than I should say that the heart is greater than the mind,  for youíve all had cause to note what occurs when heart has no mind to guide her.


I speak now not to women alone, not to men alone,  I speak to the soul which is the composite of both.  Your thoughts my dears, whether you be man or woman, your thoughts are from your Father.  Yeah!  Your inspiration so often is directly from your Sire.  But what is it that takes that thought and causes it to become manifest reality? It is  the Mother within you.


This so-called mystery, is mystery no longer.  Yet I say that this mystery lies within each and every want of yours, even this very second.  All here, no exception, have been impregnated by the Father.  Gentlemen forgive me, but youíve all been impregnated by your Father idea.  Indeed what are you yourself if not an idea?  Yes, there are no exceptions here.  You are all Godís idea.  The  Fatherís idea.  But shall you remain idea alone?  Herein lies the secret.  You need your feminine self.  It is He who loves, nourishes and is patient, ever so very patient.  It is She that will cause you to come to ultimate fruition.  Just like a good mum who wipes the mouth of the little boy and says, ďnow go kiss your Father good night.Ē


It isnít about gender my dears.  Itís about polarity.  Itís about that aspect of Mother thatís been damaged in all of you.  Itís about a terrible, terrible misunderstanding that occurred so very long ago that was aimed at keeping the Mother limping and handicapped.  Itís that thing that stands between your will, your intention, your desire and your reality.  What is stopping you, my dears?  You know good and well what you want.  There is not one here who is alienated from his or her desires.  How is it that they (your desire to have that perfect relationship) do not sit next to you?  It is the Mother that shall bring it about.


Youíve got plans you say.  I say that is your Father speaking.  Shall they come to pass?  Then you must be on very good terms with your mum.  One thing at t time.  One day at time.  This is the way that a Mother teaches her child, isnít it?  She does not rush the infant to walk, but when that infant is ready her hands are the ones that raise him up.


So think my dear, dear souls on this if you would, and how within each of your breasts lies the secret of love,  which has always been the secret of creation,  hasnít it? 


First you are the product of the two.  Youíve gone that far.  Then you, of your own accord find yourself with goals, desires, directions you want to go in, hopes.  That is your Father beckoning you forward as a good Father will.  ďCome along, comes along.  Take that step.Ē  And the little toddler looks at his mum, ďcan I do it?Ē  ďGo on, go to your dad.Ē Itís all within each one my dears.  There is no getting away from it.


You see, thus I come not to speak to women alone.  How could I?  If without a man I should not myself be here.  I come to speak of the schism deep within the soul.  Hopefully by distinguishing the different parts of consciousness you now can repair to either, depending upon what your need is, for behold there are some of you seated here who feel bereft of goals.  Youíve got no plans to speak of, do you?  You feel out to sea, I think they say.  Nothing draws you.  Itís a bit droll isnít it? Nothing calls you forward, save ruts and habit patterns and perhaps even your dreary, drudgery little television sets. 


These are not of the Father.  The Father says, ďI AM the idea that will deliver you out of your tediousness.  I AM HE whose speaking awakens you to what can be, and I know you better than anyone.Ē  Lo, light at the end of the tunnel some would say, but for you to get there Mother must accompany you.  Mother is the back upon which you shall ride to get there.


My dear, dear friends, I can scarcely accredit the grace that I am privileged to share this with you, now and forever.  What is that grace?  If not Mother and Father in perfect, loving embrace, He doing His part, and She doing Hers, constantly, and in perfect balance.  That is grace.  And when you feel it, it is that feeling of the child looking lovingly at both Mother and Father.


Now you would know something of creation. Given the idea, that is the Father, then youíve got only to tap into Motherís milk, and that is the love that shall see it through to fruition.  Love you not the pattern in this?  Then it will not manifest for you. And so we hear again that which so often  has been thought of as maudlin and sentimental ---love----love---- love, not as a sentiment, but actually as the very creative force that brings the apple to your mouth.


What then is your next step when you think of creation?  Simplify! Simplify!  Your Father is constantly speaking.  His ideas are infinite.  Are you bewildered having heard too many?  Perhaps.  But is there blasphemy in this thing that I speak? 


In other words, perhaps youíve got too many pots on the fire, too many ideas.  My dear friends, itís time to take a few off.  Simplify wonít you?  You will feel better  I promise you. One, two, three at the most should be the grand dreams of your souls.  Accomplishing these, then you can graduate to the next higher level, knowing that there you will find how much more love you can muster to bring your ideas to fruition.  How much more of the Mother can you bring forth? For She, I say, is that thing that causes it all to come true.


Look into your hearts, my dears.  If you are unhappy this is likely the cause.  Simplify.  Set aside one or two and focus on one or two, at the most.  And then love those into fruition, expecting not your brethren to understand. In all likelihood they shall not, but you know what you are doing. 


Weíve given you a formula and now you can use it.  Try it my dear friends, and watch, watch, watch how by simplifying your wish list you will accomplish the top two and have a smile on your face more often that not.  Donít complicate it.  No, no, donít complicate it, my dears.  No, keep it simple, very, very simple.


Ultimately, the Father Himself has come down to but one, just one goal, and the Mother is constantly in the process of helping Him accomplish it.  Canít we do likewise?  I leave it to you to discern what that might be.  Like good children we are, all of us, engaged in the accomplishment of the same.  Such is my simple message this evening.  Greater that this I cannot say.


(Estelle here begins to give messages to the audience)


Some of you here are holding the most intricate and beautiful puzzles in your hands, and lovely though they be, they bedevil you.  I say drop them.


And there be some here who have only recently got a new direction in which to move.  These need to be simplified to accomplish.


And there is one here who has a great fear that others do not understand nor love that soul, but that of course is illusion, for loving yourself is the solution.


Two of you here have got the need to look to the care of your physical sight.  Kindly do so and youíll create better.


One here fears the worse, the very worst, that you shall die a terrible, drawn out, painful death of the physical body.  Pluck that weed dear one.  It serves you not, neither shall it feed anyone else.  Decide that such is not your fate and accept the magic of the moment.


And all of you here shall realize before this calendar year has run itís full course that thereís little you canít have, and that of course fulfills my goal.  Iíll love you until you do. 


God Bless you my dears.  Enjoy your tea wonít you.  Perhaps upon the next evening that we again join you Iíll have yet another lovely trinket out of our Fatherís pocket, and Iíll leave it with you as an apport.

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