Tea Number 3 With Estelle Roberts
August 25, 1998

Through the Trance Mediumship of

Arthur Hakalani Pacheco


My dear, dear friends…upon this auspicious occasion we are together again.  I did not choose these dates irresponsibly. No, I caused the medium to pick the dates that were given for these teas.  But I knew, yes I knew that upon these occasions we should have visitors from other systems of worlds.  The old axiom of occultism goes, “As Above, So Below.”  Those things that occur in the higher atmosphere of your planet, unseen by mortal eyes, yet hold their lovely, lovely counterparts upon the earth plane.  You might say that if you’ve got it all right here, you’ve got it all right there.  They are quite connected. 


You are hosts and hostesses, I should say, to some of the most lovely, lovely visitors who have been here for this entire segment of time involving the eclipses that recently occurred, having to do of course with your own planetary body.  You realize eclipses will tend to affect your planet, and not necessarily so strongly the planet of Saturn.


These Beings are from your sister planet of Venus, and They’ve been gracing your presence for some time now.  They sit aloft, behold, and They watch from Their lovely vantage points, and you my dear friends are the recipients of Their gaze.  Oh can’t you see I invited you here just so that They could look upon you.  Unfortunately most of you can’t look upon Them, but I’ll tell you the fact that They gaze so lovingly upon you is all that you need.


These are your elder brothers and sisters from that lovely, lovely planet, which so very many of you here in this lovely group have, shall I say, evolved upon at different points when it was necessary and useful for the unfoldment of your Godhood.  So I say welcome Venutians.  Welcome Masters of Venus.  Welcome lovely Ladies of the Flame.  Welcomes our beloved Brethren of Love.  They come her to touch your hearts.  They come, in some cases, to heal you of hearts that have been touched a bit too roughly.


It was while visiting Venus I was so graced to be the, well, I shall call it a guest I suppose, for I felt so much more like a daughter of the wonderful, wonderful Being known as the Lady Claire.  This one introduced me to yet another one named Rubellia.  Rubellia in turn introduced me to Aquaria.  From there I went to Seraphine, and after that into the grand Hall of the Lady Minerva Herself.  From there I met Ruby, Sapphire and Esmerelda, and in short my dears, I’ve never seen so many enlightened women in my life.  And I’m not really referring only to women such as one might find, well, anywhere in the astral world above a certain subplane, simply out of the body. No,  I am referring to enlightened Goddesses,  to those Beings that upon the earth plane will always have their counterparts in the male gender.


You hear of so many of the Grand and Holy Masters who have worn male bodies predominantly.  Nay!  Here I was looking at women,  Goddesses, One after the other, after the other, after the other.  There was no end to Them.  Can you imagine the effect on one’s consciousness?  What occurs is the heart grows and grows, and waves and waves.  It would be like hearing a symphony of harps, each one played by an angel, for make no mistake, Their beauty was accompanied by Their song. Each one was singing the celestial symphony that was Her soul, set to music itself.  I was overwhelmed.  I was allowed to witness this thing feeling, well, in truth, ever so small, but so very loved and welcomed. I should not have thought of going anywhere else, believe me!


And suddenly, “POP” it was over.  Was I disappointed?  Not in the least.  I’d seen what I’d seen.  Suddenly I was with the Lady Claire again.  She took me into a deep and wonderful cave or what appeared as one, and she said, “Come I want to show you the cave of investments.”


Now, my dear friends, unbeknown to most of you, in my last sojourn on the earth plane I was happy to occupy the hierarchical sign of Taurus.  Ask any Taurus and they’ll tell you the word investment will prick up their ears.  They like money.  But here I was upon Venus far from the World’s banks, blessedly so, and yet investments?  I looked at her and she nodded gently.  She said "Yes dear, investments."  I thought what could this be?  For a moment my consciousness reeled.  I thought could there be some kind of a Divine Bank?  And if so, I’ve certainly found my way to paradise.


She bid me take my seat. I did so and suddenly she said, “Ready?”  Well of course I was ready.  “POP! It went again.  Suddenly my attention flew back, well, I shall say eons, and I was aware of myself as I had been on the earth so very long ago, and I saw myself serving a very old man.  I couldn’t understand it.  To be plucked from all of this Glory, and suddenly I’m accompanying an old shepherd.  What in the world is this about?  I looked at him and I trudged along, and he had this lovely glow on his face, really.  And suddenly I said, “Where are we going?  Why must I carry this wrapped bundle?”  And he said in the beautiful Aramaic tongue of the time, which I understood intuitively, he said, “word has it that a Messiah’s been born.  I go to see his beautiful face that I might die in peace.”


And suddenly I knew many, many, many things, including the fact that I’d served him, that he was my grandfather.  That we indeed found that lovely vision, and that I had gained immeasurably by serving this old, dusty, crusty man.


My attention flew forward in time.  I was serving yet another man.  Would it ever end?  Here was one that was well, appearing rather odd I suppose, but in a rather interesting way.  And I looked more closely, and by the Gods I recognized the transcendent face of the lovely mystic known as Francis of Assisi, though he was called Francisco in those days.  And I saw myself serving him.  And I saw that in serving him I’d earned myself, shall I say, what the Church had always claimed but never delivered, a lifetime of indulgences; that is to say dropping off the so called negative dead time one spends in purgatory.


Time after time I saw myself investing love, attention, service.  Many, many things were shown to me in that cave, but each one showed me the importance of investment.  Each one show me the importance of knowing where to put one’s attention, one’s love, one’s devotion and one’s service.


And my dear friends, it was not lost upon me that on a few occasions I had invested in the wrong people.  Out of love I had invested in men who were selfish by nature.  Men who were only into taking what they could.  But I loved them, or so I thought. Foolish girl.  I served them and my investment came back to me in the form of bitterness.


What then might be the moral?  I wondered, and no sooner had I done that  and  it was clear before me.  This lovely Lady Claire was showing me how all my positive investments had brought me to this lovely transcendental moment, seated in the Emerald Cave on the planet of Venus, showing me just how I’d gotten there.  And she said, “Now go back to earth, serve the tea of kindness and share what you have been shown.”


These my dears, has been the motive behind these teas.  To share with you something of investments, and where it is that you place your worth and your bounty.  Whom are you serving really?  Are they worthy?  Look deep into your souls, my dears, for I believe I see confusion here, a bit of bewilderment.  I see a sense of insecurity, as you begin to note that what you are serving and investing your time and energy in may not reap you the benefits you want at all.


Now don’t be hasty my dears.  Look deeply.  For it’s all well and good to say, “Oh I don’t like this one.  I’m gone from here, bad investment.”  You see what I am saying?  But do look deeply.  Is it really bad?  What I am referring to are those people, causes, institutions that only have selfishness, greed and self-aggrandizement as their goal.  Those people, causes or institutions that truly look to help others, in whatever fashion or form they do it in,  these be worthwhile and thus safe to invest in.


You must be practical my dear friends.  Don’t go running out the door threatening to end a marriage, simply because your husband happens to apparently be a very bad investment.  There is no doubt something deeper  afoot here.  Nonetheless, in some cases that’s precisely what you should do.  Here, clear the way for them to get out right now.


I must leave it upon your lovely heads my dear, dear friends.  And that is precisely where my vision is trained—upon your lovely heads that I might give you those, hopefully useful bits of insight that can help more than four.


(Here Estelle begins to give messages to the audience)


To you who sit there happily lost amongst the crowd, no one really noticing you,  but I see you my dear.  I say this, do that which you are excited about doing.  It lies in you near future, and you know of it.  Pursue it.  But while you pursue it douse it with magic, and the unexpected presence of Divine Beings who’ll make it far more lovelier that you had ever hoped or expected, won’t you?  You’ll do us all a favor.


And to you who sit there wondering, wondering, wondering, how shall it go?  How shall it go?  I say this, what is being prepared for you is the best dish you’ve ever had set before you.  And as odd as it might seem as it arrives, I dare say when you dig in, it will be the best meal you’ve ever had.  Worry not!


And to you who sit there knowing something of leadership, but all the while not feeling like a leader at all.  Well then, how can these two exist?  I say this, timing, timing my dear, timing.  Watch for the time of leadership, it is not always there,  but until then be happy to be led.


And to you who finds all of this rather interesting, but certainly nothing you’ll invest your life in.  I say to you my dear, look to what you would invest your life in.  Consider the words that have been shared here and realize that it is in the seeking of the Godhood of all that one’s greatest investment can certainly be made.


And to you who might feel just a little  bit foolish, "What in the world am I doing here  with my life?"  I would say that, in that you were brought here, and brought you were, you might consider waiting a bit to see the results of the successful experiment of someone having brought you here with so little volition on your own part.


And to you who has worried so much about that person called Mary, won’t you just give it a rest, as the say.  Mary has got her own plans, and she’s intent on executing them.


And you whose grandfather William stands close, he really wants me to tell you that within a fortnight, two weeks, you’ll have the solution right before you, and you’ll be happy as a clam.


And as to your Charlie, I’m afraid he’s gone my dear.  You’ll just have to let that one go.  You can speak of it perhaps later, but he’s gone.


And to you who have a brother in the spirit, but you have not thought about him for so very, very long.  Her reaches out to you this very second.


And to you whose dreams have been so vivid.  It’s only a preview my dear, a preliminary of what shall come forth in the way of full color clairvoyance.  You’ll certainly enjoy that.


And for you considering making an investment, I say this, you are being guided. Always wait for the hand of timing to be just right, to tap you on the shoulder and then move forward boldly.  Your investments have worked out well thus far.  Why would they fail you now?


And to you who waits, and waits and waits,  and she waits and waits some more.  I’ve spoken to you my dear.  Perhaps you’ve got nothing better to do.  Just keep on waiting.  It can’t be that bad or you wouldn’t be doing it.


And for you who fairly recently rediscovered your musical love, talent and expertise.  Could it be a new direction that you move in?  Take it slowly, but take it.


And for you who are thinking of being a clothing designer, do pursue your dreams my dear.  Don’t you think this world is replete, that means quite full of tired, old clothing?  We need some new colors and ideas.  I should like to see wings on some clothing myself.  Gossamer would be nice.  Lace will do as well.


And to four of you here who so badly need to clean your homes, it isn’t I, but your lovely dead relatives who are hounding you to do it.  Won’t you give them some rest and do it.


And to you who’ve got that clogged sink, how long shall it last?  I believe they sell bottles, the stuff you read about in your local pharmacy.  It takes all of twenty minutes.


And to you my dear who has been so slow about cooking.  Cooking is one of the sweetest forms of love.  Cook away my dear, you just might cook yourself into heaven.


And to you who feels so very lost as far as money goes, just a treadmill, getting you nowhere.  You’re right.  You’re going nowhere.  So what of it?  I should say look to the right, look to the left.  Look to the five people you know who are making the most money personally and watch what they do, and see what that tells you.  Give it three months to germinate then be bold.


And to you who is planning a trip, but is very uncertain of taking it.  Why not decide to take it and let the hand of God stop you if It shall?  That way at least you’re off the hook.


And to you who from time to time finds himself with a stomach ache, that tummy just isn’t feeling good. It’s time to change the dietary content.  I mean radically.  It’s time to go to the opposite end of where you are nutritionally, and watch how that just throws you into a different state of balance.


And to you who are interested in purification of water.  Yes.  Good idea! Pursue it.  But what you’re shown now will take you to the next thing, and that in turn will take you to the one you are truly destined to know, use and distribute.


And to you who know something of the pedicure and manicure.  I should need one myself, perhaps you’ll see me after the show.  Seriously my dear, don’t think it trivial.  There were times that slaves won their freedom by beautifully manicuring the Cleopatra’s.  Nothing to be ashamed of that.  It’s an art and a talent.


And to several of you who’ve not investigated your artistic temperaments.  This season coming shall give you the opportunity to do it. I say it shall be in the lovely time of  the holiday that some call Christmas that you will find chances not to buy but make the sweetest expressions of your love, and give these as gifts.  I tell you soon the whole world shall be doing it, and bought gifts shall be a bit crass.


And to you who can’t think of how you can make it better, whose situation seems so hopeless.  You who even after our lovely little communion tonight shall go home sadly, hanging her head.  To you my dear, my heart goes out indeed.  I shall not forget you, and I shall do what I can to see if we can’t change your circumstances at least between now and the end of the year.  Have hope.


And to all of you, won’t you learn again the sweet art of prayer?  Won’t you learn how to lift your voices in silence, in the worldly sense, that is to say not openly that others might hear and deride?  But speak out first your thought,   and then if you care to add your voice to it, to your own lovely vision of God and come close, so close to that Parent that so much desires you to approach Them.  This I can give quite generally as it applies to all here assembled.


My dear friends, we are here as a culture, and this culture shall spread and nothing shall stop it.  It is the culture of Holy Communion.  It is the culture of sight and sound beyond the physical.  It is the culture of knowing your guardian by name. It is the culture of sweetness of heart, and the ability to produce change at will.  It is the culture of a loving brotherhood and sisterhood.  And this culture, I say, is the future as you know it.  What you see about you now, one century hence, multiplied a thousand times shall be the population of your planet.  Behold your souls in relationship to this future, and in your lovely, lovely roles as it’s pioneers and progenitors. 


How much we love you dears.  How much I should like to kiss each one of you on the cheek, and send you forth like little toddlers happy to play, with eternity as your playground.  God Bless you all.  You have made this Estelle truly feel like her namesake, an Eternal Star, privileged to share God’s light with all of you.  Perhaps we shall meet again in this fashion.  I should so love it to be so. God Bless you all.


(Arthur out of trance: my experience right now is seeing Estelle at the top of a big staircase that would seem to be that way (Arthur points).  In that direction and it’s doing right on up the ceiling, and she’s standing at the top of it, and she turned around, it’s kind of funny.  She had this little, something like a little hankie or something, she waved it.  And I turned and I looked at her and she said, “Tell them that if you can do it anybody could do it.  Go on tell them.”)


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