Are you aware that when we engage in the practice of daily thanksgiving we are planting the seeds of blessing that are eager to return back to us? Consider using this season of Thanksgiving to begin a daily practice of giving thanks, if you are not doing that already.

Look at all of those people who have blessed your life. Write their names down. Give thanks for the gift they are to you, and the gift you are in their lives, as well.

Now, what about those that you feel have not been a blessing in your life?  Write their names down also. Look at them again.....look a little closer.......and look again.....even closer this time.  Dive deep within for that pearl of wisdom, the pearl of truth, and seek to find out how they too have been a blessing in your life, perhaps the biggest blessing of all. Thank God for these souls and the challenges they have brought your way. Once you unravel this great mystery a new sense of freedom awaits you.  In other words, look at all of the people and situations that you feel you cannot forgive.  For your own evolution open your hearts and forgive.

Are you aware that every planet has a specialty, that which it is working through to bring it to its highest expression?  Here on Earth that specialty is forgiveness, the greatest barrier that holds a person back from evolving more quickly. Please understand that when you do not forgive you move your own evolutionary process to a crawl.

Forgiveness, it is one of the main lessons that we are here on earth to learn.  Yet, isn't it true that charity begins at home? This is where it all begins, doesn't it? Then this is where we need start, with the forgiveness of our self.  Once you have done this then forgiving others is as easy as child's play.

There is yet another energy that lives within. It is called guilt. What about guilt? Guilt is our worst enemy, and yet it is the very one that many allow to live in the back room of their home, meaning in the home of their minds, in their consciousness. Many give guilt shelter. Many feed it daily as they crucify themselves with these very thoughts and feelings.  This guest that so many are willing to invite into their home (their minds) undermines every single creative endeavor that is begun.  Deep within the recesses of the subconscious mind a person says to itself, "I don't deserve to have this success. I am not worthy to have this good in my life." This is how guilt short circuits all good that is ours to claim.

Remember this always: God and guilt are strangers....God and guilt are strangers....God and guilt are strangers. Guilt is a self-imposed limitation that people on places on themselves. It is not coming down from anywhere on high, believe me. God and guilt are strangers.

These two issues, the lack of forgiveness and the guilt that people carry around could just be the veil that keeps people blind and separate from the abundance of blessings that could be flowing into their lives right now.  It is time to free ourselves from these self-imposed restrictions and this is the perfect season to do it. Create a little ritual, fire is excellent for this. Banish these from your home, your mind, and then give thanks to all that you have right now in your life. Begin there.

Get into the practice of daily thanksgiving. You will set in motion a wave of blessings that will flow back to you, and abundantly at that.    Remember, our thoughts, words and actions of today plant the seeds for our future experience. What we are experiencing today, the seeds were planted in previous days.

Let us begin each day by giving thanks and blessing for all that we have, and yes, include those mysterious obstacles that we draw into our lives, as well. As we are able to bless all of life, so shall we be blessed by all of life.

Think about asking this question on a daily basis, "How can I bless you this day God?" Then watch the marvelous direction that your life will take.

                                                                God Bless you all.     

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