By Estelle Roberts

Given through the Trance Mediumship of Arthur Pacheco in 1986


Ladies, let power flow through your veins, resist it not.  Meditate upon power, if you will, for you will find a treasure chest there ready to be opened.  Why linger at the door (of power) when the Mother that resides within beckons you come in?  Overcome your shyness ladies, drop your veils of malcontent, be happy and realize that power is there for the taking. 

Think of how you might be thrice bolder than what you are right now!  Now, we are not talking about an aggressiveness that is brusque and unappreciated by your fellows.  No, on the contrary, we are talking about a boldness that shall only make others jump to their feet and say, ďbravoĒ, as they watch you unfold your Godhood right before their very eyes.

This is the kind of power you should strive for.  Not the kind that causes people to say, ďHow abrupt and how rude.Ē  No, not at all, but rather the kind that would say, ďHow wonderful that such a one as this exists in our midst, for low, I see myself now awakening equally!Ē

Delimit yourselves.  Rise up!  How to do it ladies?  Contemplate power.  I dare say itís been quite a while since any of you have done that.  Just contemplate power, nothing else, for five minutes and watch what it does to your consciousness.  Then give it ten minutes, if you will, and then at least one-half hour a day.  We say you will be dynamos by the end of the year!  

Thatís the plan, and thatís why Iíve come here to speak with you about it.  In other words, you canít have power if you donít think about it.  It seldom comes to those who are unaware.  You know, you donít give a loaded gun to children.  Theyíd have to be trained in its use far in advance of it coming to them. 

Most of you need more power just to accomplish your goals, such as they are.  We are merely here to play those keys in your own consciousness to get you to think about it. Think about power!  Donít be afraid of it!  Why shouldnít you accept power when there are far less worthy ones than you upon this planet who take it greedily?

It is the Fatherís good pleasure to see you grow and expand your capacities and skills in every area.  It is not a time to be shy or coy.  It is a time to be bold and in the most honorable fashion. We are not talking about pushing yourselves beyond physical limits, for when one is so filled with zeal and that occurs, then of course, unfortunately, one must pay the price. 

You must recall, at all times, that the physical body has got its own limitations and these are transcended bit by bit.  We donít want to push it.  Itís like a jogger who suddenly, after not having jogged for three months, gets up and runs five miles.  A bit much.  Itís best to build up to these things.  But you can do it with your consciousness, and that we would suggest, but also like a muscle, it must be used.


Do two things.  FIRST: examine your motives. Even if you think you know what they are.  Write a list.  Examine your motives.  Put your motives down on paper. Motives for what? Your motives in general.  Put down all your motives.  Why do you want power?  What do you want to see accomplished?  Be honest now, no one else shall read it.  We are not talking about your goals such as, ďI want to make so much money.Ē  No, not that.  Those are worldly goals.  Weíre talking about motives, not your goals.   Put your motives down and youíll find that they shall reflect your goals perfectly or imperfectly.

SECOND: realize that power and responsibility are two sides of the same coin, and that perhaps there are certain things you are not taking responsibility for because you donít want to.  You donít want to take that extra step out there.  But we tell you, if you take that extra step you will get a lot more power to help you accomplish it. 

Thatís just how it works.  You must be willing to pay the price first, and then you get the jewel.  Isnít that how commerce goes?  First you see what it is you want, then you determine if you are willing to pay the price.  Having paid it, you get your jewel.  Few regret it.  So give thought then to your own motives, and to power.

You will find women being empowered in this world at an accelerated rate, for their role in the future shall be a much more significant one, in a worldly sense, than has been the case in the past few hundred years.  Why?  Because it is a proven fact that civilizations reach their peak during periods when women are held in the highest esteem.  Men have just as much to gain in a world where women are their equals.  Sharing power allows the Golden Balance of the male/female principle in human relationships to manifest.


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