A Cosmic View

February 14, 2003 in Portland, Oregon

Sir Arthur Speaks Through the Trance Mediumship of Arthur Hakalani Pacheco


My dear friends, good evening unto each one, and a very fond reunion event.  I note that this very eve it is that of St. Valentine’s Day, and I’m very, very gratified of it.  Why should I be?  Well, perhaps because it is an event of love, isn’t it?  It’s something that generally is celebrated with, you know, the celebration of affection and love, and hearts, and things of that nature.  So be it!  So be it!  Let us all be at ease here.


We come not to bring dire news of things to come.  We come only to share with you our own insights, and mind you in so doing, and always and ever we want this to be understood, we claim no infallibility.  We claim no authority, save that of our own truths.  So let that be quite understood that, why it would be as if I were, well perhaps, your guest of honor.  And I am honored to be as such that I can sit here and share with you, not only my insights, but those of others with whom I am associated.  I function primarily as a spokesman for a particular council of which I am affiliated, and currently we are attempting to speak through the mediums vocal cords, as best as we can, to get our own thoughts across more clearly to you.


And so it is that we begin.  Well, so, did any of you out there buy duct tape? (At this time, buying duct tape was big in the news as some form of defense.) Is that what’s going on here?  (We all laugh)  Very well.  Well, well, well, you should, for if you’ve thought it, it’s that you felt to buy it.  And so it is, so it is.  And I say to you, dear ones, that these be, indeed, the times to do that thing that you find in your heart to do.  Oh, yes.  I say, that unless you be following your hearts, you be at risk, at risk indeed. 


So that would be our first suggestion, if you will, that you be in touch with what goes on right here (Sir Arthur points to his heart).  That perhaps you take a bit of time, and if ever before you did not, now just might be the time to begin that thing called meditation, contemplation, at least. Wherein one would silence the outer senses, you know, and attempt to become aware of what you can’t see, or perhaps hear, or perhaps perceive with only physical senses alone.


As you all know, the soul has its senses, even as the body does.  And what is clairvoyance, if not simply the sight of the soul.  That is all.  Anything you can’t see with your physical sight, but that you yet can see to the point of description, well, then you must be using that faculty.  I dare say most use it anon, constantly, and don’t think of it in that way.  All day long they are using their clairvoyance sense, and their clairaudient sense, perhaps in the perception of the thoughts of those they can’t see.  And if you ask them, “Are you psychic?” “No, no, not me.  Of course not.”  (Sir Arthur chuckles)  “Oh really.”


I say that each and every one of you got here tonight based on a psychic sense.  No exceptions.  Not a one.  It was that of your own intuition.  Did anyone drag you here?  I trust not. (He laughs)  Were you brought in irons?  I see none such, and I hope not to.  Oh no, no my dear friends.  It’s time that we come to see that we, all of us, have got a guardian, nay, a Savior that speaks to us from within, but unless we listen to that one, well, I just don’t know.  Especially now in these times that we do enter. 


So, so, so! You are being warned about dire things to come or that might approach at any moment.  Hmmm.   Well of course, it’s only reasonable to take note of such things.  Yet I tell you that the brave, the truly brave, do what they must do based on their own hearts, regardless of the outer circumstance.  What else is bravery, if not following through in the face of such things?  If there were no such odds, then of course there is no bravery to be seen.  You simply go about your business, don’t you?


So, then these be the times, not so much that try men’s souls or women’s hearts, as these be the times when we should look about and see what can I do to bring comfort to yet another.  Someone who perhaps has got not the footing that I might have upon this mountain of consciousness.  Yes. 


Oh, my beloved, look deep.  Look deep into these times and I say that there you shall find not fear, but opportunity with a capital “O”.  Yeah, opportunity to go into those places that you work with a smile on your face.  Not as one who is silly, and giddy, and unaware.  Instead, as one who is quite aware of all things that can come about, and yet knows that there is something far grander going on than any shenanigans of humanity. 


You are, all of you, Divine.  You know it.  It is written in your law.  You are Gods and Goddesses, anon.  How then can you fear mortal machinations?  Fear is not the appropriate stance to take, I say.  And when you do find yourself going into that dark corner I suggest you stop right where you are and say,  “Wait, wait, wait now, I’ll not do it.  What did that old man tell me?  (All laugh)  All right, I believe he might have made some sense, and if so let me try it out right here and now.”


You, go then, go to your places of work, go to your schools, go to your families, go to your meetings, go to your circles, go wherever it is you go.  Walk down the street radiating, not fear, but love.  A love that can’t be burned out, can’t be poisoned, and can’t be gassed.  (He laughs)  I don’t think so.  (All laugh).


My friends, I trust you’ll not feel that I am making light of what occurs on the earth plane, not at all.  Indeed, could it be, could it just be that I might know something about it that makes me not come here with fear written large on my face.  Um hmm.  What if I told you it isn’t quite what it appears to be?  What if I told you that all that is seemingly  being perpetrated upon you is really just the death throws of a dark force that is going down, and would just like to take you with it?  (He, and everyone laugh)    But they’ll not! They’ll not, I tell you!  They’ll not!  For they can’t, they’ve got no power.  Know it my dears, they’ve got no power.  You have got to know that.


I tell you, I’ve stood in wars (meaning while he is in spirit) at the side of those who were fighting and I’ve said, “They’ve got no power. Defend yourself.  Defend your country perhaps.”  This, in the war zone, mind you, “but don’t fear.”


I should like to tell you a little story.  It just so occurs that there be those Great and Holy Beings who do oversee the, well, let us says, the destiny of humanity.  These Magnificent Beings are known by various names in various cultures, and to us as the Lords of Karma. These Magnificent Beings must adhere to Cosmic Law, that is, after all, their function, isn’t it?  (What Sir Arthur is saying here is that even the Lords of Karma have to obey the laws of karma.)


Why, if you must have an analogy on the earth plane I should think it would be that of your American Supreme Court Justices.  They are the final word on the law on earth and how it is interpreted.  Well, these Magnificent Beings say, “Yeah, let this play itself out, for only then will it come to be seen who’s who, and what’s what around here.”  There’s been too much facade, dear ones, far too much facade.


Now, I note that there’s a lot of speculation, murmurings you might say, amidst you all, and, well, the lot really, everyone, about who’s behind all of this.  Who’s really at the bottom of this?  Is it Mr. Saddam Hussein?  Is it others?  Well, in a sense, I tell you it matters not.  Who cares what’s in a name?  It’s what’s the game that counts.  That’s what you’ve got to look at.  What game are they playing?  So, it doesn’t matter, you see, what you want to call them, and whether they be this one, that one or the next.  Your only concern, we think, should be that of someone who will not be spoken down to, who will not be intimidated, and who will not be told lies that your heart is not agreeing with.  That’s what is important!


I am not here to preach insurrection, certainly, much less treason.  I, of all people have had, ever and always, a great and holy love for patriotism, whether it be England; whether it be America; whether it be any country.  And by that, I say, and you might dislike me for it, that goes for the so-called Iranians, as well.  I hate no one.  I can’t.  How can I, when I’ve stood in the Presence of a Lord of love, (While in spirit he refers to here) who changed that for me, forever, as have you all, though you don’t recall it right now, perhaps, in your mortalities. (meaning, we've all stood in the presence of this Great Lord of love also, but cannot recall what we do in spirit.)  But, most of you do, and I can see that beautiful pink glow in your auras.


So, dear ones, to proceed. When we look then at what goes abroad here, for it is not a matter of countries, you see, and how easily one can fall into saying, “Oh those Iranians, you know, those Iraqis, or whatever they are.”  I tell you if you could see them as we do, oh my God, you would see some frightened people.  Far more frightened than you.  Look where they stand.  These are people who are, at this point, in the crosshairs of weapons aimed at them by the greatest and most powerful country in the world.  You think they’re not frightened?  Oh, I wish I could convince you to send them love, that is what they need. That is what we all need, not fear, not hatred, not resentment because their skin might be brown.  Their children love as yours do, I tell you.


So, dear ones, can’t we just, in a sense, symbolically, join hands across the globe?  I tell you it is the way of the Christ.  And if you be Christians, and if you be Buddhists, and if you be Jews, and if you be any religion, Muslims, Hindus, any, know that all religions include love, which is its cornerstone.  And if you forgot that, then it’s my pleasure and privilege to remind you.


So, dear ones, what I’ve got to tell you is this - each and every one of you can certainly make a very large, large difference.  Yeah.  It was my holy privilege to watch when the very elegant, eloquent, and celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did speak once through the medium, this one through whom I am now speaking.  He came and spoke and oh, how powerful it was.  What did he say?  He was speaking to what he referred to as his people, and that certainly was not limited to people of the African American persuasion or body.  He meant everybody who believed in freedom and opposed racism, bigotry and that which seeks to dominate the human spirit, for which he lived, and for which he died.


He said, “Oh my people, I see some of you cowering.  I see some of you crying.  I see some of you feeling poor because your pockets are empty.”  He went on to say, “But you are not too poor that you can’t pray.  And you’re not so poor that you can’t send thoughts of love to the world, and heal it.  And as such you are rich, every one of you.”  And, oh my, all of us were moved.  Is it not the truth? 


So, you see, it is that same message, in my own humble way that I should want to share with you this eve, to let you know that each and every one of you is a dynamo creation.  Look into your lives.  Look what you’ve created since you were little toddlers.  You created your own birth for one thing.  It wasn’t your parents.  It was you.  (Sir Arthur laughs)  You created the houses that you were born into.  You created your education.  You created your ability  to, well, survive this far, anyway.  No small feat.  (All laugh)  And you’re still doing it, aren’t you?  Look at you who sit about here.  I don’t know that I see anyone here in terribly dire straights. Oh, I know a few of you say, “Oh, but what about me?”  (He laughs)  Oh dear ones, again the words of Dr. King ring out.  You’re not that poor.


So, what I am getting at is this, what I’ve got here in this room is an army.  Each and every one of you has got a firearm, in your hearts and in your minds. It isn’t one that fires bullets, but it fires love, and kisses.  Fire!  Fire, at will!  (He and we all laugh)  Take good aim now, not at me.  Fire, at will!  (We all laugh)  What I’m telling you is this, and yay, there are so-called dark forces.  What are these?  They are souls who for the longest time, and we can’t understand why, (He laughs) life after life, have insisted that the best way to get anything done is by cheating, stealing, murdering, you know the lot, foolish in the extreme.   Perhaps it’s that there’s so much time lapse, until thus far, between cause and effect.  You know they murder this person, and then nothing seems to happen to them for a while.  They think they got away with it.  “Well, let’s do it again.”  And somehow they’ve been hoodwinked into thinking that you can get away with murder. Not so. Not so at all.


So, what I am saying to you is that there are those forces, and they be upon this planet still, unfortunately, who labor under that heavy yoke of, well, I must call it cosmic ignorance, but some would call it stupidity.  They think they can get things done the hard way, which is by the underhanded method.  Not by love, but by might makes right, all of that.  And these are the ones that are attempting, and they’re up to their old ways, which are so tiring at this point, don’t you think?  Boring!  Passé!  They’re still trying to do things of that genre.  It’s not working, is it?  It’s not working.


And yet they’ve got just enough of that power, just enough of their influence, and have so duped younger souls who are hungry for power into thinking that if they only do things their way they’ll have it too. And they, temporarily, even seem to get it, in that they’ve got a little bit of a retinue following them.  Unfortunately, many of these just happen to be a lot of the world leaders.  That’s the problem. 


So, what have you got?  You’ve got a bunch of adolescents, (spiritually speaking) arguing, you know, threatening to push buttons.  Threatening one another while everyone else is going, “Please there’s a peaceful way to do it.”  Would that they could see it like the rest of us.


So, what are we saying?  In that, temporarily, it appears as if your hands are tied, only because you’ve got not the political power to say, “Stop that!”  Oh it appears that way.  You might feel rather helpless, “Oh, my God!  What shall occur next?  What shall I find in tomorrow’s headline?”  I say don’t wait.  I say you decide.  Yes, you decide it, my dears, for everyone and anyone that is incarnate upon the physical plane, at this time, is the authority for that plane.  That is cosmic law.


We, who have been where you are, (meaning those who have been on earth, but now reside in spirit) and per chance shall be there again, are not any longer deputized or authorized to do very much at all, unless you invite us in of course.  (He laughs)  And if so, we shall be very happy to join you.  Get it?  Hint?  (He laughs and we all laugh)  You’ve got helpers. You’ve got an army.  Would that you could see us.  Why, right now in my sight, those of you incarnate, those of you in physical bodies appear to be, by comparison, like a small little basket underneath a huge balloon.  That balloon would represent the rest of us here that you can’t see physically.  Oh, there are a lot of us here.  All of your loved ones, they’re quite around you.  Can’t you feel them?  Your guardian angels, your guides, your loved ones, your parents, your brethren, your children.  Don’t think that at times like these we would abandon you, or that we would rather be up here strumming a harp or some nonsense like that.  (Everyone laughs)  Hardly!  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a harp, really.  (He laughs heartily)  Hmmm, I’ll have to look that one up.


Well, well, to continue.  Oh, some of you are wondering who I am.  Well, who are you? (We all laugh)  What’s in a name after all?  Who am I?  Well, I really know that what you’re probably going to accept more easily is not so much who I am, but who I’ve been, for at least there I can give you a name of sorts. 


Who have I been?  Well, well, well, many people.  Just like yourselves -  doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief - all of it.  But most recently, last footprints on the earthly sands, 1930 I believe, I do believe I ended up so-called dying while sitting up in a chair, just like this.  Shall I do it again?  (We all laugh)  Actually I shall.  It’s a matter of minutes.  I’ll vacate this form, and then of course the medium will take it over again.  He is the rightful tenant after all.


So, well, I was an author, a writer by choice and by trade.  And I am surprised to see that some of those old books that I did pen are still gathering dust in many places, the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.  My name in that life was Conan Doyle, Arthur Conan Doyle.   And what was my great love? Not to so much do the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes, though God knows it seems that is what the world recalls me for, but rather to repair to places like a séance room.  (He laughs)  Does that shock you?  A séance room, yes.  What is a séance room?  Well, a place where you can go and speak with the dead.  (He laughs)  And now I’m on the other side of it, aren’t I?  Here I am.


The thing, my dears, was to me the most fascinating thing in all of my physical existence to know that there was no death and therefore there are no dead.  It was my beloved son, in the first case, who was not lost to me forever, but was quite alive, happy and ready to help and interact with me should I care to do so. (Sir Arthur speaks of his son who died in the First World War, who made contact with him shortly after his death.)  This was a new revelation.  So, obviously it shifted my attention away from the mysteries of Mr. Holmes. 


Indeed, I was done with Sherlock Holmes, and thought I’d just kill him off, you know.  How shall I do this?  Hmm.  I know, he and his arch enemy shall go over Rickenbacher Falls.  They’ll just die together.  That’s it, the end of Sherlock Holmes.


It wasn’t to be so easy.  I got bags of mail, “You brute.  How could you do this? You killed Sherlock Holmes.”  There was such an outcry.  I was amazed. I thought, “He’s but a fictional character.”   But not to them.  And I realized he was like a friend.  He was someone that they projected a certain aspect of themselves onto.  And so, of course, they did not want to see him die.  So, of course, I had to bring him back, didn’t I?  And so I did in subsequent volumes.  But I still had to get away from it.  What was I to do?  Well, you know what?  I retired him to bee keeping.  That’s it!  Sussex. (He laughs)  To come back at any time, you know, at his own sweet will, perhaps when Scotland Yard couldn’t solve a case.  So, that was my Sherlock Holmes involvement.


But then, of course, my great love was that of the spirit, and what lies beyond this earthly life.  And so it is that I began to frequent séance rooms, indeed.  And, oh my, were my eyes opened when time after time after time I spoke with people that were so-called dead. I don’t know how many times I stammered, “Oh, b…b…b…but...but...but...the last time I saw you was at your funeral.” (He laughs)  And they’d say, “Yes, indeed.  Wasn’t it lovely?”  “Yes, it was really. I saw Mr. Jones singing the song. Yes, it was quite nice.”  You know we’d talk about it like it was a picnic.  (He laughs) I learned to make light of death.  And I still do.  (He laughs)


So, my dears, now you can all say you’ve been hearing a dead man speak to you.  Oh my.  But that is not the point of coming, not to speak of myself, save that I know there’s a few of you here who are quite curious about Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes involvement, and so I thought I would just share a bit with you.


But, now to proceed. (Back to the serious topic of the current world events.) It’s not over.  You know that.  Not over.  There is what they call the backlash of the dragon’s tail.  You stab it with your sword, Excalibur,  it appears to be dead.  And just when you are ready to make merry, WHACK!  Here comes the tail, around the back to take you down with it.  This is what you are experiencing.  Do you know that?  The sword of truth has already pierced the heart of darkness.  You are all enlightened to the degree that you are.  And for that reason, for that very reason it’s over, at least the major conflict is.   It is!  But I’ll tell you what, it’s just not completed yet.  There’s the clean up to do.  And that’s what you are dealing with. 


So, what can you do?  Let’s roll our sleeves up and get on with this thing.  You can begin every single day of your sweet lives with a prayer on your lips.  If you don’t like the word prayer, how about an invitation?  How’s that?  Does that suit you?   Some say, “I don’t like to pray.  You know I’ve prayed and God didn’t hear me.  Didn’t give me what I wanted. Nope, don’t pray anymore.”  (He and some of the audience laughs).


I understand dear ones, I understand.  But I also know this, that Cosmic Law states that the call compels the answer, indeed!  So when you invoke, when you ask, when you pray there must come some response from heaven.  That is the Law.  I once heard someone say, “Well, God doesn’t always come when you call, but He always comes on time.”  I like that.


But now let me throw another one at you.  When it is your time to so-call die, nothing shall so-call save you.  Nothing.  But when it isn’t, nothing can kill you.  That is true.  So, you see, my dears, what’s the point in worrying? Why the duct tape?  (All laugh) Save your sheckles for more pleasant things.  Hmmm, really, do you really think duct tape shall save you?  (All laugh)  I think not. I think not.  No! No!


One thing I’ll tell you and it’s this - again, it matters not what names are worn by those that are your enemies.  Oh, I could give you a few.  It might shock a few of you.  A few of you might be so upset you’d get up and walk out.  “The nerve.  How dare he say such a thing.”  Well, I said it.  You’ll get over it.  But it would serve no purpose, would it, merely to cause an uproar?  And what’s more, and what’s worst, it would take your attention off the point, which is that it’s only a matter of light and dark, and that is all my beloved light and dark. 


So, if you truly want to be effective you only need to be the light.  Send the light.  Project it.  Aim it.  I’ve told you, you’ve got your firearm right there between your eyes.  Right here (pointing to his third eye).  Boom!  Send beams of light directly at those that are in darkness.  You don’t even have to know their names.  Some of you think you do know their names though, don’t you?  You’d jump up in a minute and tell me.  Perhaps I would agree with you, but that’s not the point.  The point is, let’s keep it simple, it’s a matter of light and darkness.  In darkness one finds fear; one can be intimidated; one can feel as if one’s spirit is sagging. All of that only occurs in darkness, but not in light.  So, I say draw in light as never before, and send it where you will.  Every single one of you can do that.  No exceptions.


Now, it wasn’t so long ago many of you were quite shocked, some of you to the point of heartbreak and tears, when you saw that thing relayed upon your news media about the Columbia, and the great light in the sky that took several beautiful souls right out of your world and right into ours.  Well, let me tell you something about that.  Years ago there was another incident like that, wasn’t there?  What was it called, the Challenger?  Similar eh!  At that time, it was years ago, we were asked point blank, (from souls in flesh) what was that all about?  Why did that have to occur?  What went wrong?


Well, at that particular point you were still dealing with another type of darkness.  There was still that thing called the so-called “cold war” going on.  Do you recall it?  And the Soviet Union, unfortunately, was quite a bastion for that thing.  Well, it just so occurred that members of that Government had a very interesting fascination with psychic phenomena. Hmmm.  A particular type of psychic phenomena, not reading people’s minds, not seeing the future.  No. No. No. Those are useless in warfare, at least for the most part. No, they were interested in the ability to move things without having to physically touch them.  It’s called telekinetic ability.


They were also interested in the ability to leave one’s physical body at will.  Now what happens when you’ve got someone that can do both?  You’ve got a very potent weapon.  You’ve got someone that can go out of their body, physical body, and astrally go to the control panel of something like the Challenger and move dials, enough to cause an explosion.  That was a sad case wasn’t it?  


But you know, though, these be the inner workings of that event, not necessarily this one, mind you, (referring to the recent one) that was not the point of this one. Oh yes, we could describe how it was done.  Didn’t change much, and it didn’t illuminate the point that there is what we call the mass karma, the consequences of everybody’s actions working together.  And that it was the mass karma of not just the planet, as a whole, but those that are allowed to be the leaders of yourselves, that are not standing up and saying, “Wait a minute! We don’t agree with the fact that there are millions of souls on this planet tonight that are hungry; and that have got no place to lay their heads and you are taking billions of dollars and trying to find out something about a rock on Mars.”


I call that insane!  If my baby sister is dying of hunger and I’m investing five million dollars in a science experiment, woe to me!  Woe to me!  That is the state of affairs my friends.  Think of it.  Your governments, your leaders, they’ve not solved your most dire problems.  There’s hunger, there’s diseases, homelessness, poverty, mis-management of resources, on and on and on, one bane after another.  Many of these problems could be alleviated with money.  But no, they want to go to the moon. (He laughs) I call that insane, and insanity must meet its righteous end.


Now, I am not here to say that I am happy that those unfortunate people had to leave their physical bodies.  What I am here to say is that unfortunately, in so doing, they were martyrs.  Some of you cried when you saw those faces.  Some of you wept tears when you were shown those videos, I believe, of, you know, the individuals when they were laughing and saying, “hello mom,” and this kind of thing.  And, "Why did they go?"  I tell you this, they laid down their lives knowing it. (He is speaking of their own souls knowing that they would leave in that incident.) Not consciously, but they knew it, and they went, and now they are with us.  And, by the by, they’re quite happy.  So, save your tears.  They knew what they were doing.  They did it deliberately.  Martyrs? Perhaps. But let not their death be in vain. 


Were I you, I should mentally take the stance, “I do not agree with the space race.  I agree with humanity being comforted.”  And unless you do it, and unless you can see the truth of that, my friends, then cry not again when the next one happens.  You might as well be the one that does it.  Let us please start to see things in a sane way, and the only way that it can truly be done is through the eyes of love.  Let us solve the earth’s problems before we want to go off into Uranus.


So, dear ones, use your minds, won’t you?  Use your hearts, use your love, more than anything, and everyday ask that Divine Intervention occur.  Some of you just didn’t think of it, did you?  Some of you didn’t know it existed.  Well, now neither one can be used as an excuse.  (He laughs)  To your good health,  (He holds up a glass of water and makes this toast before drinking it)  and begin to use your minds as they were intended to be used, won’t you?  To create.  To create the world you want to live in.


The reason that you’re hearing of all this catastrophe that supposedly is hanging over your heads, is that you’ve simply not wished it away, that is all.  Be done with it.  It’s nonsense, unnecessary at that.  You can do it.  I am not a Pollyanna. I am not here to say, “Oh, all is well you know, you don’t have to worry.”  Not here to do it.  When indeed, unless you begin to use your consciousness (your minds) to start to generate creation in a most loving way, in a most serious way, you’ve got plenty to worry about.  The wolf is at the door, and the demon beckons him on.


I say, let us all push that demon right off the earth.  I say, let us all focus and say, “Wait a minute, who is doing this to us anyway?  Who is making me feel unsafe in my own home?  Who is causing my child to shutter with fear and ask me, ‘mommy, daddy, will we be alive tomorrow?’  Who is doing this to me?”  That’s what I say.  And you must, all of you, turn about and say, “Whoever it is let them receive the judgment of Almighty God right now on their heads.”  That’s what I say, instead of living in fear wondering what you’re going to read about the next day, like so many little church mice.


Dear Ones, you are Gods, act like them.  Use your powers, you’ve got them, I tell you.  And push this vermin off the earth, and we are all right there with you else I should not be here at all.  I love you all, and I know that you are, all of you, powerful beings and it is to that very power within you I am referring.  You’ve got what it takes.  You’ve all heard, “Well, God does not give me more than I can take.”  Indeed!  You’ve got the backpack, look inside it.  You’ll find there the users manual.  Thumb through it, look at the chapter called your mind. 


Now, my dears, I know good and well that many of you were not of told these things.  You were not taught how to do these things.  You are not to blame, in that sense.  But, now at least you’ve heard my version of it, which again is that of many of us. (He speaks for the multitude in spirit)  I tell you, all about me here stand and nod their heads in sweet agreement. 


Were we in your place we probably wouldn’t see it either, and so we all got together and said, “What do they need?  They need to be told.  That’s all, they need to be told.”  And in that I’ve always been one who, well, let us say, doesn’t tend to lack for words, well they sent me.  Forgive me for my brash ways.  I am here as your friend, and as your brother, and I say enough of this nonsense.  Do not yield to it one more moment, much less run from it.  I say that the darkness is the one that must be on the run, not your sweet selves, not your sweet children, and not your sweet parents.


Now, this brings me to another point.  I see as I look about here beautiful golden auras, and I don’t know that there’s even one person here that totally disagrees with me.  But please, I ask that you don’t go home like warriors and, you know, start to rebel rouse.  Knocking on the neighbor’s door saying,  “Do you know what?”   Or, perhaps you should.  Do it as you will, dear ones.  But what I’m trying to say is that not all will be able to grasp these things.  Why, you yourselves are only grasping this to the degree that you are, that you’re willing to, and that you can.  Nope, nope, nope. We can’t expect all to see things as we do, but all are responsible for what they do see, and to do nothing is simply to inherit the wind, and all things that come with it.  


Well, that is my message for this eve.  I suppose some of you expected me to go into, you know, names and numbers, and what not.  But no, no, it wasn’t necessary, was it?  However, I’m afraid I must leave you with one rather somber thought, and it is this, the darkness that I’ve been referring to, the darkness that was behind that so-called 9/11 incident, that darkness is not coming from some far away place.  That darkness is close enough to be right within your own country, isn’t it?  So, I say, it is where you stand and sit that you must take your stance.  I suggest that you think openly about the possibilities, and again rather than trying to seek a name or a face, just know one thing, it is encroaching, and it is encroaching quickly.  Stop it!


Like that movie I seem to recall, well, I was already dead at the time it came out, I believe, but I was watching.  Something about a fog that seemed to be coming in and, you know, killing people off, bit by bit.  Finally somebody got a good idea and they rolled it back.  “Wait a minute, fog doesn’t do well with this fire extinguisher.”  Psssssssss!  That’s the way to go.  Send it back where it came from. Send it packing.  Be who you are, Divine in essence and in heart, and together we (the army in spirit) pledge to help you, if you ask us to.  We’re going to roll this thing right off the earth never again to return.  It’s in the last stages, my friends, and your days of, shall I say, happy living are not that far off. 


I leave you with these thoughts and with our love, which shall ever be with you.  God Bless you all.  God Bless you all.


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